A Complete Guide To Lyft For Seniors

Lyft for seniors

Physical and cognitive decline and vision impairment can be a normal part of aging, preventing seniors to drive. According to Foundation for Traffic Safety, fatal crash rates were highest per 100 miles driven for drivers over 80.

The elderly need to go out frequently for hospital appointments, grocery shopping and other necessities. 

Some seniors do not want to rely on family members and friends every time they go out. The solution to all these travel problems is using a rideshare service which is more convenient than public transport or chasing a taxi down the road.

Seniors can use Lyft, a rideshare service that provides on-demand Lyft rides for seniors to travel safely and independently.

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5 Benefits of Using Lyft for Seniors

The use of Lyft rides for seniors offers many benefits over traditional taxi or public transport, including:

1. Door-to-Door Service

Seniors always have challenges getting from bus stops or train stations to their homes. It is also a challenge to chase a taxi down the road, especially if you are living in communities with no public transport links.

Lyft (and other ridesharing services like Uber) provide you service on demand. Seniors just have to ‘call’ Lyft from an app and it will show up on the door in minutes. Get into the car and get out of the car at the destination.

2. Safety and Security

Using rideshare services is safer than using traditional taxis and public transport. Lyft has policies and features to protect passengers. All drivers undergo a criminal background check, driving record check, vehicle safety inspection and in-person screening.

When you request a ride, you get a message with the name and photo of your driver and information about the car including the plate number, the color of the car etc. This information is vital for safety and knowing you are with someone you know about.

3. Well-maintained Cars and Respectful Drivers

Passengers can rate the ride experience after each ride. Drivers tend to keep their cars clean and show respect and good ethics to passengers to get better ratings as consistently low ratings can get drivers out of their job.

Lyft rides for seniors are more comfortable, pleasant and cleaner than traditional taxis.

4. Easy To Use

You have to download the Lyft app on your smartphone to use Lyft. Book a ride from the app with pickup and destination points and once you agreed with the fare and confirmed the ride, the car will show up at your door in minutes. Get into the car and out of the car at the destination without paying cash. Your family member or friends can also book a ride for you from their smartphone app.

5. Lyft Partnerships With Seniors Communities

Lyft has partnered with different senior communities, nonprofit groups and home care providers such as Brookdale Senior Living, Whistletop, Avenidas and many others to help seniors use Lyft.

There are many other benefits of using Lyft for seniors. If you are traveling to busy areas where parking is an issue, it is always a good idea to use a Lyft ride instead of your own car.

You save parking payments and the time and hassle of finding a parking space for your car. You can call Lyft at airports and hotels etc as they have dedicated areas for ridesharing services like Lyft and Uber.

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Lyft For Seniors Without Smartphones

Seniors can primarily use Lyft through apps on their smartphones. There are several options to use service of Lyft for seniors who do not own a smartphone.

Here are 5 ways to get a Lyft ride without a smartphone.

1. Request A Ride on The Web

Follow these steps to request a ride from the web.

  • Go to ride.lyft.com
  • Enter the pickup and drop-off locations
  • Select ride type in Ride Detail
  • Select Request a Lyft ride

You will receive a text message on your phone with ride details. You are required to log in to your Lyft account before requesting a ride through the web.

2. Use The “request a ride for someone else” Option

This is another option to use for seniors without smartphones. They can ask a family member, friend or caregiver etc to book a ride for them. The family member or friend can use the following steps to book a ride for their loved ones.

  • Set the rider’s destination in the Lyft app
  • Tap change rider at top of the screen
  • Select a rider from the contact list

The rider will receive a text informing them that a ride is sent for them. If the rider has no Lyft account, they will receive a link on SMS to create an account.

3. Use Jitterbug Phone To Book A Ride

Jitterbug phone users can use Lively Service to set up a Lyft ride. You can simply dial “0” on your phone and the operator from Lively will set up a Lyft ride for you.

4. Use GoGoGrandparent.com Service

If you use GoGoGrandparent, call them at 855-464-6872 and you can request a Lyft or Uber service. GoGoGrandparent will connect you with Lyft.

5. Call A Lyft

For Florida residents, most cities offer Call A Lyft ride service. You can call Lyft phone number 631-201-5938 to request a ride. The service is available Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8 AM to 8 PM.

These are 5 alternate ways to get a Lyft for seniors without smartphones. Call A Lyft service will expand in other states, hopefully, soon.

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Lyft Senior Citizens Discount?

Does Lyft offer a senior citizens discount or are there free Lyft rides for seniors? The answer to both of these questions is, unfortunately, No.

There are 4 ways seniors and the elderly can save money on Lyft rides.

1. Senior Citizens Discount for Grocery Rides

Lyft has partnered with local nonprofits and grocery providers to create a Lyft Grocery Access Program. The program offers discounts for seniors and low-income families heading to or from groceries stores, farmers markets, food pantries and SNAP benefits appointments.

2. Use Lyft Pink

Lyft Pink is a membership program that is ideal for seniors who take 2/3 rides per week. The subscription to Lyft Pink offers 15% savings on all car rides, priority airport pickups, surprise offers, relaxed cancellation and more benefits for $19.99 per month.

3. Use Lyft Shared Rides

Lyft shared rides enables 2 people to share a ride to their destination. You will always pay less on a shared ride than on a standard ride.

4. Avoid Peak Hours

Avoid the peak hours (7-9 AM and 5-7 PM). The prices of rides go up in peak hours or on holidays as many people are trying to book a Lyft ride at the same time and demand is high.

While there are no Lyft discounts for seniors or free Lyft for seniors, you can always save money by taking a ride at off-peak times and using the other methods above.


Ride-sharing services like Lyft and Uber are great for the elderly who do not want to rely on others for transportation. Lyft rides for seniors are better than traditional taxi services as they are convenient and offer better services at competitive prices. 

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