8 Senior YouTubers Over 60 You Should Watch

Senior youtubers

There are more seniors and elderly on YouTube than on any other social media platform. According to Stats, more than 70% of seniors watch YouTube regularly. But when we think about the average YouTube creator, they are young and loud. While most seniors are on YouTube to watch videos on their favorite topics, it is only natural that some older adults, in their 60s and 70s, are creating great video content.

Here is a list of 8 senior YouTubers over 60 who are making great videos on a variety of topics.

8 Top Senior YouTubers Over 60

1. Emily Kim

  • Channel : Maangchi
  • Subscribers : 6 Million +
  • Age : 65 Years

Emily Kim, commonly known as maangchi, is a Korean-born American YouTuber and author. She is one of the most famous senior YouTubers over 60. She produces traditional Korean cooking videos on YouTube. Millions of people love her passion for cooking and regularly watch cooking recipes on her channel. Her website maangchi.com is considered the number 1 online destination for authentic Korean food. She is a successful author of cooking books allowing a whole new generation to discover Korean cuisine. Emily started her YouTube channel at the suggestion of her son.

She was described by The New York Times as “YouTube’s Korean Julia Child”. If you love food and want to try some Korean dishes, subscribe to her channel and join the community of 6 million Korean food lovers.

2. Steve Kaufmann

  • Channel : The Linguist
  • Subscribers : 652000
  • Age : 77 Years

Steve Kaufmann is a Swedish-born Canadian YouTuber who has learned 20 languages. He shares the techniques and resources to help you achieve your language learning goals. Steve thinks anyone can learn a new language if they are motivated and have the right method in hand. His YouTube channel is a great source of motivation for people who want to learn a new language.

3. Shirley Curry

If you make a list of elderly YouTubers, Shirley Curry will top the list. She is an American YouTuber and gamer at the age of 86 years old. Shirley is pursuing her hobby of playing video games since 1992 when her son gifted her a PC and a video game (Civilization 2). She has four children, nine grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

She has a community of 1 million followers who watch her play games on YouTube and regularly comment on her videos.

4. Margaret Manning

  • Channel : Sixty and Me
  • Subscribers : 203000
  • Age : 73 Years

Margaret Manning is a businesswoman and keynote speaker from the UK. She runs “Sixty and Me” as a community for women over 60. Her YouTube channel covers everything that boomers and seniors find interesting ranging from travel tips to health and fitness and makeup tutorials for women of her age to healthy aging tips.

She shares a new video every other day so if you are a woman looking for makeup tutorials, travel tips, retirement planning or aging issues, subscribe to her YouTube channel.

5. Tim Rowett

The next senior YouTuber over 60 on our list is Tim Rowett, the toy collector. Tim has a collection of 20,000+ toys that he collected for over 30 years and is known for videos about toys, optical illusion and puzzles. He shares his toys with the world in his YouTube videos, with a surprise along the way. He publishes videos every week and his 2 million followers love his work.

The Daily Telegraph named him “the best YouTuber over 50”.

6. Kip Kedersha

  • Channel : KipKay
  • Subscribers : 2.54 Millions
  • Age : 65 years

Kip Kedersha is a master of DIY and has been posting YouTube videos since 2006. He is a gadget guru sharing tricks and how to restoration videos. His videos are entertaining and fun to watch. If you want to increase the range of your TV remote or want to learn amazing laser tricks, Kip is your guy.

He also shares many prank videos and will help you restore your old stuff.

7. Maarten Heilbron

Maarten spent most of his career writing about tech and travel for Toronto Star and other publications. Now, he produces videos and shares them on YouTube. He reviews cameras and lenses and shares photography tips.

If you love photography and keep updated on the latest cameras and photography tech, you will find in-depth reviews in his videos. Some videos are dedicated to travel reviews and how-to tutorials.

8. Tricia Cusden

Tricia Cusden started her YouTube channel in 2013, after struggling to find makeup products that worked well with her skin as an older woman. She creates and promotes products that enhance the beauty of older faces.

The videos cover tutorials for older women to show the viewers how to apply Fabulous Forever products. She has pro-age philosophy and celebrates age rather than promoting anti-aging products.

Although YouTube is dominated by young creators, senior YouTubers is a small but talented community and fun to watch. Here are some fun facts about senior YouTubers.

5 Fun Facts about YouTube and Senior YouTubers

Who is the oldest Youtuber?

Hamako Mori (also known as Gamer Grandma) is currently the oldest YouTuber. She was born on 18 February 1930 in Asakusa, Japan and is playing video games and esports games for nearly 4 decades. She was internationally recognized as the oldest gaming YouTuber and got Guinness World Record for the title at the age of 90.

Visit Her YouTube Channel and watch her play video games

Who is the oldest YouTuber with 1 million subscribers?

Shirley Curry (known as Skyrim Grandma) was born on April 2, 1936 and is an American gaming YouTuber with 1 million + subscribers. Curry’s son taught her how to play video games. She joined YouTube in 2011 to follow gaming channels and posted her first Skyrim gameplay video in 2015.

Visit Shirley Curry’s gaming YouTube channel

Who is the oldest YouTuber with 10 million subscribers?

Professional photographer and New York Times bestselling author Jordan Matter is the oldest Youtube creator with 10 million subscribers. He is 56 years old and Forbes called him “Tom Brady of YouTube“. He posts regular family videos with his kids on his YouTube channel.

Visit Jordan Matter YouTube Channel

What is the oldest video uploaded on YouTube?

The oldest YouTube video was uploaded on April 24, 2005. The video was titled “Me at the Zoo” and is 19 seconds in length featuring YouTube’s co-founder Jawed Karim. It was recorded at San Diego Zoo. It is the first video uploaded on YouTube with around 250 million views.

Me at the Zoo – First YouTube Video

How many senior Americans watch YouTube?

According to research by Pew Research Center, 83% of older Americans between the ages of 50 and 64 years old are YouTube users. This number decreases rapidly to 49% for Americans who are 65 years and older. YouTube is still the most used social media platform among senior Americans.

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