Setting Up Echo Dot for Elderly Parents (Step-by-Step Guide)

setting up echo dot for elderly parents

Amazon’s Echo Dot is one of the best gadgets to keep seniors informed, connected, and entertained. If you are planning to gift an Echo Dot to your parents or senior loved ones or they have bought the new Echo Dot device, help them set up the device.

This article shares a step-by-step guide on setting up Echo Dot for elderly parents and helping them get started.

Setting Up Echo Dot for Elderly Parents

Here is what you get in the Echo Dot (5th generation) box.

Before setting up Echo Dot, you will need to have

  • Your WiFi network password
  • Amazon Alexa app installed on your smartphone [Alexa app for Android | iOS]
  • Enable Bluetooth on your phone for an easier setup experience

That’s it. You are ready to go.

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to set up the Echo Dot for your elderly parents and loved ones.

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Step 1: Sign in with Amazon Account and Some Basic Settings

  • Open the Alexa app and Sign in with your Amazon account or create a new Amazon account. I will recommend creating a new Amazon account for your parents.
    Also, write down the account information (email/phone and password) in a diary or paper in case seniors forget and need the information to sign in again.
sign in android alexa app
  •  Once you are logged in, select the account holder’s name or add the name by pressing the + button. You will be asked to double-check if the name is correct. Click on Agree and Continue.
  • Next, you can hear how it pronounces your first name by clicking the play button. If it is not pronouncing the name correctly, you can fix it by tapping the LET’S FIX THAT option. Click Nailed it to continue.
  • Next, you have the option to Set up voice ID. This feature enables Alexa to learn the user’s voice and call you by name. You can either click AGREE AND CONTINUE to set up the voice ID or Skip to the next part.
  • Your profile is ready. Now, tap on Set Up My Features. The next step is to Allow access to your contacts? You can tap Yes to allow or Later to go to the next step.
  • Next, you can add profiles for different family members if you want. Tap That’s Everyone and you are done.

Step 2: Plugin the Echo Dot

Plug in your Echo Dot using the included power adopter. A blue light ring will spin around the bottom of the device. The light will turn orange in about a minute.

You will listen “Hello, your device is ready for set up. Just follow the instruction in your Alexa app”.

Step 3: Complete Setup on Alexa App

Follow the instructions below to finalize Echo Dot setup.

  • Open the Alexa App on your phone. If you are not prompted to set up the device after opening the app, you can manually do it by tapping the More icon on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Next, tap on Add a Device > Amazon Echo > Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus and more.
  • Next, you will be asked to Allow Location? This is a very important option that is used by location-based features. You can get local news, weather reports, emergency alerts, local restaurant information, and much more. I highly recommend pressing Yes here to allow the location.
  • Next, the app will confirm again that your Echo Dot is plugged in and displaying the orange light. Press Yes and it will search for the Echo Dot and list it in the Available Devices list. Tap on your device name.
  • The app will search and display the available WiFi networks in your surroundings. Select your WiFi network and enter the password and click Connect.
  • The app will now introduce you to buttons on your Echo Dot. Click Continue.
  • Next, choose the language and select Continue. Choose which room your Alexa Dot is in. Click Skip or Continue and you will be asked again if you want to Set up voice ID. Tap AGREE AND CONTINUE to setup the voice ID or Skip.
  • Next, you can select the home address for Echo Dot for local weather, traffic news, and more. Click Continue.
  • Finally, you will be asked if you want to enable the Amazon Sidewalk feature. I do not like it and would recommend you to Disable it.
  • Your Echo Dot is ready. Alexa will guide you through some of the things you can do. You also have the option (again) to create a voice ID, if you want to. Press Let’s Go and you are good to go.

Your Echo Dot is ready to use. If you choose to set up a voice ID (you are prompted to create a voice ID several times during the setup), Alexa will have you read over some lines so Alexa can get used to your voice.

I hope this step-by-step guide helped you with setting up echo dot for elderly parents.

It is now the time to introduce some basic Alexa commands and fun games to get them started. You can also check out the Alexa tips for older adults and find out what can Alexa do for the elderly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let us have a look at some of the FAQs regarding Amazon’s Echo Dot.

Is Echo Dot good for seniors?

Echo Dot is one of the best and most affordable Alexa devices for seniors. It helps them remain connected, informed, entertained, and safe. The vibrant sound quality, compact size, and ease of use make Echo Dot a senior-friendly gadget and an ideal gift choice for parents.

How can the Echo Dot help Seniors?

Seniors can catch the latest news and weather updates using Echo Dot. The vibrant sound makes it an excellent speaker for listening to music, audiobooks, and podcasts. The entertainment options include games & puzzles, listening to jokes, or solving riddles. Seniors have 24/7 hands-free access to help in case of emergency.

How to add a family member to the Echo Dot?

If you want a family member or a friend to use your Echo Dot to listen to music, news, or listen to their messages etc, you can set up an Alexa profile for them. Make sure they have an Amazon account.

Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to More > Settings >Your Profile & Family. You see your profile here. Tap Add someone else. Select the existing profile or tap Enter their name. Enter the new profile name and tap Next to finish.

Amazon Echo Dot not connecting to WiFi during setup?

Some people are finding an issue where the Echo Dot does not connect to WiFi during the setup. If you face this issue, you can try again after restarting the Echo, router, and modem. It is also a good idea to update the Alexa app if it is not updated.

If you are still facing the issue, press the circle button for about 30 seconds until you hear “Restarting your device”.  

You will then get a prompt asking you to allow Alexa to recognize local networks. Make sure the Settings are turned on and select Continue. You may get a few more prompts (including selecting Amazon WiFi in your WiFi settings which allows Echo to eventually connect to your WiFi).

You will now get back to the “Searching for WiFi” step and a list of WiFi networks will appear.  (Note: If your network does not appear in the list, you can “add it”).

Make sure you keep your Alexa app active during the process. It will mess up the process if you exit the app or let the screen go to sleep. If you face any problem during the process, you can revise the process and it will work.

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