Seniors and Social Media Statistics – The 2023 Trends

seniors and social media statistics

The latest statistics signal a growing comfort of social media use among seniors. The trends also highlight older adults’ growing interest in the social media platforms that are commonly associated with the youth.

Let’s have a look at the latest numbers and statistics from different sources and surveys.

Seniors and Social Media Statistics – 25 Interesting Trends

We have used data from AARP’s Tech Trends Report of 2023 and statistics from Pew Research, Statista, and Data Reportal to get a clear idea of seniors’ latest social media use and habits.

  1. Among 50+ older adults, social media is one of the top methods to stay connected with others.
  1. Social media use has grown gradually among older adults in the past decade.
social media use among seniors
  1. Senior citizens in the U.S. support identity verification to create social media profiles more than other age groups
identy verification to create social media profileidentity
  1. Most 50 years and older (88%) used at least one or more social media platforms in 2022
  2. Facebook (71%) and YouTube (51%) are the favorite social media platforms of older adults
  3. The top 10 social media platforms among 50+ users include
social media platforms used by seniors
Source: 2023 Tech Trends & Adults 50+
  1. Instagram and TikTok, commonly associated with youth, are becoming popular among 50+. Instagram use has increased from 24% in 2021 to 28% in 2022 while TikTok increased from 10% in 2021 to 15% in 2022.
  2. 50+ folks’ interest in Pinterest dropped 5% (from 25% in 2021 to 20% in 2022)
  3. 45% of 55 years and older use social media to access news content while 70% of 55+ still use TV to access and consume news content
Source: DataReportal
  1. 39% of 55+ said they used Facebook to access news content in the past week
  2. 29% of 55+ years old used YouTube to access news content in the past week
  3. 22.6% of 55 years and older Americans use Facebook of which 11.2% are 55 to 64 years old while 11.4 are 65+.
facebook users by age group
  1. Worldwide, Facebook has 158.7 million users aged 55-64 (7.1% of total Facebook users) and 123.3 million users who are 65+ (5.6% of total Facebook users)
  2. Of 55+ older adults who are active on social media, 60% say they use Facebook at least once a day while 26% use YouTube at least once every day
how often seniors use social media
  1. The top 3 reasons for Facebook use, among 55+ older adults, include: social interactions, entertainment, and current events
  2. Among 55+ Americans, females are more likely to use Facebook as compared to male users
facebook users male female
  1. 10.6% of Facebook Messenger’s worldwide users are 55 years and older
  2. According to the latest statistics, 65 years and older are Facebook’s fastest-growing demographics.
  3. 17.8% of YouTube’s worldwide users are 55 years and older. 8.8% of them are between 55 and 64 years old while 9% are 65 years and older.
youtube users by age and gender
  1. 59% of those over 55 visit YouTube several times a week while 73% use YouTube at least once a week
  2. 55+ U.S. Instagram users are 12.4% of total U.S. Instagram users
  3. Worldwide, 55+ users make up 6.8% of Instagram’s total user base
  4. While 20% of 50+ U.S users are Pinterest users, Pinterest use is declining among older adults
  5. Worldwide, Pinterest has 13% of users who are aged 55 and older. 8.7% are 55 – 64 years old while 4.3% are 65 years and older
  6. 15% of Twitter users in the U.S. are 50 years and older

5 Takeaways from Seniors and Social Media Statistics

The key takeaways from the latest social media use and trends among older adults include:

1: Most Older Adults Use Social Media

According to AARP’s 2023 Tech Trends Report, most 50-plus adults (88%) used at least one social media network in 2022. Social media use among older adults continues to grow and has shown a gradual increase in the past decade.

use of social media among older adults over the years

The increase in social media use, among the elderly, is directly proportional to the tech adoption among them.

Seniors are increasingly using different devices and gadgets to remain connected, informed, and entertained. Smartphone and tablet use has grown significantly among older folks in the past decade.

2: Seniors are Not Active on All Social Media Platforms

Although most seniors are active on social media, they have restricted themselves to mostly Facebook and YouTube use.

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Facebook’s massive community means that seniors can connect with most of their family and friends on Facebook.

Facebook is the best platform for them to follow life updates from their college friends or family members who live afar. 60% of 55+ Facebook users say they use the social media platform at least once a day, while 17% of users say they use Facebook several times a week.  65+ is Facebook’s fastest-growing user demographic.

The latest trends also show seniors’ rising interest in Instagram and TikTok because one of the main reasons seniors use social media is for entertainment purposes.

3: Top 3 Reasons for Social Media Use

According to Creating Results, 55 years and older adults report that the top 3 reasons to use social media are:

  1. Social interaction
  2. Entertainment
  3. Current events

AARP also reported that social media is one of the top 3 methods for seniors to stay connected with family and friends and is being used more than video calls as a form of communication.

As entertainment is the second important reason to use social media, seniors are active on YouTube (51%) and showing growing comfort with Instagram and TikTok use.

4: Seniors have Privacy and Security Concerns

Older adults have trust and privacy issues and are concerned about identity theft and online safety.

According to Statista, seniors support identity verification to create social media profiles more than all other age groups.

According to Consumer Affairs, more than 3.4 million seniors are victims of financial scams each year resulting in $3 billion in loss. The scammers use the internet and social media or phone calls for most of these scams.

Seniors are less tech-savvy and less likely to spot online scams, as compared to younger generations. 

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5: Seniors Prefer Photos and Video Content

The social media usage among older adults highlights the fact that seniors are more active on platforms with photos and videos.

Facebook and YouTube use and the growing acceptance of Instagram and TikTok show seniors love photos and videos.

This is because entertainment is the major reason for social media use among seniors.

The latest “seniors and social media statistics” show the gradual increase in social media use among older adults and growing comfort with the social media platforms commonly associated with youth.

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