Hi, I am Sohail, a tech enthusiast and the person behind TechandSenior.com.

Why I Started This Blog?

While technology adoption among seniors is growing rapidly, there are not many senior-friendly devices and products that are designed specifically for older adults. It makes new technology complicated for non-tech-savvy seniors.

The basic purpose of this blog is to introduce new technology to keep seniors informed, entertained, healthy, connected, and productive and to make their daily lives easier and more fun.

But you may wonder, why seniors need to adopt the latest technology?

Well, there are plenty of reasons.

  • Technology Keeps Seniors Connected: Smartphones and tablets are ideal for video calls to remain connected with family and friends. Social media opens a whole new world where seniors can follow their interests and favorite celebrities. Keep in touch with high school friends who live afar but share their lives on social media.
  • Technology Improves Mental and Physical Health: Whether you want to improve cognition and memory skills by playing games and solving puzzles or want to try some in-home exercises and want to keep track of your sleep, steps or calorie count, there are plenty of gadgets and devices to help you keep the track of your physical and mental health and improve it.
  • Assistive Technology: It is only natural to suffer hearing impairment, visual impairment, dementia and other age-related issues. Assistive technology assist individuals with disabilities, restricted mobility and other impairments. Modern virtual assistants (Like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri ) can assist seniors with anything at any time. Gadgets like smartwatches come with fall detection that can be a lifesaver for the elderly as falls are a leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among older adults, according to CDC.
  • Unlimited Entertainment: Seniors do not need to rely only on TV and radio for their entertainment. You can watch your favorite movie or listen to your favorite music on your smartphone, tablet or computer at your chosen time. Access thousands of books on your slim and light Kindle. Listen to your favorite podcast or follow the latest fashion trends online. Technology opens doors to unlimited entertainment opportunities.
  • Technology Makes Everyday Life Easier: It is harder to chase a taxi down the road or walk to the bus/train station but easier to call an Uber or Lyft through your phone app, on your house door.You do not need to visit your bank frequently as most of the banking can be done on banking apps. You can shop online for things you do not find in the local store and save money by comparing prices from different online stores.
  • Safety and Security: If you live alone and enjoy your independence, you can live with peace of mind that someone will know if you need help through apps and gadgets. You can use the indoor and outdoor cameras and doorbells that you can control from your smartphone, to keep your house safe and secure.

I can go on and on about the benefits and advantages that technology brings to seniors, but you got the idea.

So, who is this site for?

You will find this blog interesting and helpful if you are

  • A senior, 55 years of age or older and looking to adopt or use the technology and need some help
  • A young person trying to help your senior loved ones with tech or get them a gift that seniors love
  • Family or professional caregivers helping the elderly
  • Looking for technology for seniors with visual impairment, hearing impairment or dementia patients 

And What will you find here?

Tech and Senior is dedicated to helping seniors with technology and focuses on

  • The Latest Senior-friendly Tech (gadgets, devices, apps, websites and blogs)
  • Guides & Tutorials to help seniors to adopt and use the technology
  • Assistive Tech and Gadgets to make daily life easier and more fun for seniors. Helping dementia patients, hearing and visually impaired and elderly with limited mobility and keeping them productive and active.
  • Keeping Seniors Productive by doing fun stuff (even if you live alone) and sharing fun part-time retirement jobs to make a full-time income from your home on your chosen schedule.
  •  Keeping Seniors Entertained by sharing games, apps, podcasts, eBooks, YouTube channels and other entertainment opportunities.

Sounds Good? Hop to see you more often on Tech and Senior and let us get you started.

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