Using Alexa to Monitor Elderly Parents (2 Best Options)

using alexa to monitor elderly parents

Smart gadgets make it easier for you to maintain a constant connection with your elderly parents who live far. Amazon’s Alexa is one of seniors’ favorite gadgets because of its extensive features to keep seniors informed, entertained, and connected. Alexa’s easy-to-use commands and senior-friendly skills make it a popular choice among older adults. But, can … Read more

Echo Show Drop in for Elderly

Echo Show Drop in for Elderly

Alexa devices (such as Echo Show) come with plenty of features and skills that make life easier for seniors. Older adults can use Echo Show for different purposes, from weather and news updates to trivia games and medication reminders. One of Alexa’s coolest features is Drop in that enables seniors to communicate with family and … Read more

which is better for seniors Uber or Lyft?

Uber vs Lyft for seniors

Rideshare services offer many benefits for seniors as compared to traditional taxis. You do not need to chase a taxi down the road, Uber and Lyft are available with just one tap on your phone. Ridesharing services are cheaper and safer than taxis and offer better quality vehicles with accessibility options for the elderly. When … Read more

8 Best AARP Alternatives for Seniors

Alternatives to AARP

Millions of senior Americans do not agree with the social and political changes AARP pursues. AARP leans to the left despite its stated nonpartisan policies. Luckily, there are a number of conservative alternatives to AARP that oppose AARP’s work with social and political agendas. In this article, I will share the 8 best alternatives to AARP for … Read more

Uber for Seniors Without Smartphones

uber for seniors without smartphone

Uber is an excellent ridesharing service for seniors who feel unsafe driving later in life because of a decline in strength, vision and focus.  It is safer, cheaper and better than a traditional taxi in many ways. Older adults make frequent outside visits for grocery, shopping, and hospital appointments and many of them live in … Read more