10 Best YouTube Channels for Older Adults

According to the latest statistics, YouTube has 450 million users over the age of 55 years, accounting for 17.8% of total YouTube viewers. The stats also show that 88% of those aged 55 and older are using YouTube on a weekly basis.

Seniors use YouTube for entertainment, news, and education. This article shares some of the best YouTube channels for seniors to keep them informed and entertained

10 Best YouTube Channels for Older Adults

Our pick for the top YouTube channels for seniors include

  1. Sixty and Me
  2. More Life Health Seniors
  3. Yes2Next
  4. Holy Schmidt!
  5. Pasta Grannies
  6. This is our Retirement
  7. Retirement Travellers
  8. TED
  9. Rich Bowlin
  10. Mr. Beast

1: Sixty and Me

Margaret Manning is the founder of Sixty and Me, one of the best blogs for women over 60. The Blog is a community of 500,000+ women over 60 where she helps women of her age to live happy, healthy, and financially secure lives.

Sixty and Me YouTube channel covers everything that boomers and senior women find interesting, including:

  • Makeup tutorials
  • Health and fitness
  • Travel tips
  • Fashion trends
  • Skincare and hairstyles tips
  • Retirement planning and work after retirement
  • Healthy aging (Yoga, Nutrition, Weight loss)
  • Social life

Margaret shares a video every day. Here are some of the popular videos from the Sixty and Me channel.

Margaret Manning is one of the most popular senior YouTubers.

2: More Life Health Seniors

One of the best YouTube channels for seniors to help them improve balance, strength, fitness, flexibility, and movement. Mike Kutcher, a senior’s specialist physiotherapist and Exercise Scientist, helps the elderly with their health and fitness goals.

This channel is useful for over 60s who want to

  • Move better and longer
  • Have better balance, flexibility, and decrease pain
  • Look and feel younger
  • Lose weight and get stronger

Mike has spent most of his career working with seniors and specializing in senior’s exercise and fall prevention. This channel will help you get in the best shape of your life.

Some of the popular videos include.

You can also check out the More Life Health blog for some incredible health and fitness articles for seniors.

3: Yes2Next

April, a personal trainer with senior fitness, is 59 years old and chose a natural life, embracing her gray hair and wrinkles. She views exercise and healthy living as a vehicle to have a high-quality and active life into your golden years.

With Yes2Next, she captures her own journey and helps people of all ages live joyfully and actively. Staying active can keep your body and mind healthy during your golden years.

April shares the workouts with her 82-year-old mom and each video inspires you to start exercising and doing stuff at any age.

Here are some of the popular videos from Yes2Next.

It is never too late to get moving. April helps seniors make fitness a part of their daily lives with exercise videos, articles, and inspiration on her blog. Yes2Next is one of the best YouTube exercise channels for seniors.

Say “yes” to the next chapter of your life and all that it brings and use exercise and healthy living to have a quality active life.

You can also check out the exercise apps for older adults that I shared earlier.

4: Holy Schmidt!

One of the best YouTube channels for older adults who are planning for retirement or are already retired. Geoffrey Schmidt discusses social security, retirement savings and lifestyle, and retirement “dream jobs”.

Geoffrey, an award-winning author and international speaker, posts videos twice a week. You can also get the easy-to-use “Retirement Ready Checklist” by Geoffrey.

I have also shared the best retirement planning blogs and fun retirement jobs that you can check out.

5: Pasta Grannies

Do you love pasta? The Pasta Grannies YouTube channel finds and films real Italian grannies making traditional and delicious handmade pasta. You can watch Italian ‘nonne’ in their homes making traditional pasta dishes.

You will also get recipes for soups, bread, rice dishes, dolci, and more. Pasta Grannies posts videos every Friday, sharing traditions and skills one recipe and granny at a time.

Some of the popular recipes include.

Pasta Grannies preserve our connection with the past by sharing some of the most authentic and traditional Italian recipes.

6: This is our Retirement

The newly retired Tina and Norm talk about retirement and travel on their YouTube channel. They are traveling to the countries they always wanted to visit but were too busy working.

They also talk about topics that effect retirement such as finance and health. New videos are posted on Saturdays. Here are some of the popular videos from the channel.

The channel has lots of videos about Portugal that you can watch if you are planning to visit the beautiful country of Portugal.

7: Retirement Travellers

John and Bev are traveling the world full-time as a senior couple and inspiring others along the way. They share their world travel lifestyle, adventures, and optimistic outlook on life.

The couple started their travel adventures after their early retirement. After completing a 2 years journey in their Airstream to see all 50 states and 51 National parks, they sold their home and started world travel with their backpacks.

They live on the road and travel each week to a new location. John and Bev plan to travel extensively to every part of the world. The couple believes in laughing, loving, and living their lives to the fullest. Here are some of Retirement Travelers’ popular videos.

John and Bev also have a Retirement Travellers website where they share travel tips for senior travelers.

8: TED

Ted Talks are short and influential presentations by experts in their field. TED is one of the best youtube channels for older adults to keep them entertained and informed.

The channel features the best Ted Talks from the TED conference by world’s leading thinkers and doers. You can find talks on technology, entertainment, design, science, global issues, arts, and more.

Here are some of the popular Ted Talks.

You can also visit the best Ted Talks for seniors and best Ted Talks on retirement articles that I shared earlier.

9: Rich Bowlin

iPhone and iPad can make your life easier and help keep the elderly connected, entertained, and informed. Rich Bowlin makes iPhone and iPad easier for seniors.

Each video provides a few tips to make iPhone and iPad easier for you. The easy-to-follow tutorials make the super complicated stuff easy for older adults.

When Rich and his siblings gifted an iPad to his 91-year-old mom, he made a few “training” videos just for her. But the videos proved helpful for thousands of people around the world.  

Rich decided to produce a regular stream of YouTube videos to help seniors and beginners learn to use iPhone and iPad.

Here are some of the popular videos from Rich Bowlin channel.

If you want easy-to-follow tutorials to get you up and running with your Apple tech, this channel is for you.

10: Mr. Beast

If you do not know about this YouTube channel, you should. Mr. Beast is the most popular YouTuber across all ages. He pioneered a genre of YouTube videos that center around expansive challenges and stunts.

Mr. Beast inspires millions with his work. He helped 1000 blind people see for the first time, 1000 deaf people hear for the first time, and planted 20 million trees.

Here are some of the hundreds of popular videos from Mr. Beast YouTube channel.

Most videos on Mr. Beast’s channel cross the 100 million views mark. That tells you a lot about the quality of the videos he makes. Visit the channel and you will love every video from Mr. Beast.

There you have it, a list of the 10 best YouTube channels for older adults.

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