Uber for Seniors Without Smartphones

Uber is an excellent ridesharing service for seniors who feel unsafe driving later in life because of a decline in strength, vision and focus.  It is safer, cheaper and better than a traditional taxi in many ways.

Older adults make frequent outside visits for grocery, shopping, and hospital appointments and many of them live in communities where traveling by car is the only option. Many seniors, who are not smartphone users, wonder if there is a way of using uber without a smartphone.

In this article, I will discuss 3 ways to get an Uber for seniors without smartphones.

3 Ways to Get an Uber for Seniors Without Smartphones

Although most people request an Uber ride using Uber’s smartphone apps, let us discuss 3 ways of using Uber without a smartphone.

Method 1: Use Uber’s Website

This is the first method of using Uber without a smartphone. You need access to the internet via a tablet, laptop, an older phone or a public desktop computer.

You will need to log in to your Uber account (create an Uber account if you do not have one already).

Follow these steps to request a ride online.

  • Go to m.uber.com
  • Enter your phone number to log in
  • Provide the pickup location and destination on the map
  • Select the type of ride. Check the price and confirm the ride.

Requesting an Uber ride online is as efficient as on the app. You need to provide minimal information to request the ride and will receive an email receipt after your ride. You can also visit riders.uber.com to download the receipt.

Note: Allow your browser access to your location to center the sitemap on your current location.

Method 2: “Request Ride for Someone Else” Feature

This is another option to request an Uber for seniors without smartphones. Uber app has a feature to request a ride for someone else. You can ask a family member, friend, caretaker or anyone with an Uber app on their smartphone to request a ride for you.  

This option makes it easy to arrange a ride for grandma who doesn’t have a smartphone or when mom needs a ride from the airport.

Steps to request a ride for someone else.

  • Open the Uber app and tap “Where to?” and enter your senior loved one’s location
  • Tap “Confirm Pickup”
  • Enter your senior’s contact details (select their mobile number from the contact picker or type in) in “who will be riding”.
  • Tap “Confirm Rider” and “Next”

Once the trip is accepted, the rider will get a text message from Uber with details of the ride.

I love this beautiful and emotional video from Uber that shows the power of the “Request a Ride for Someone Else” feature.

Note: If you do not see the option to select “someone else”. After tapping the “where to?” box, tap the dropdown icon next to your name and continue the above instructions.

Method 3: Request an Uber Ride Using GoGoGrandparent

GoGoGrandparent is another way to get an uber for seniors without smartphones. GoGo enables seniors to request a ride with an operator, phone menu or online dashboard.

Option 1:

You can talk to an operator to schedule a ride or answer any question by calling (855) 464-6872 and pressing 0.

Option 2:

Call GoGo at 1 (855) 436-6872  and listen to the menu to press the option that is right for you.

  • Press 1: Get picked up at home
  • Press 2: Get picked up from where you were dropped off
  • Press 6: Speak to the operator

Option 3:

You can also request a ride online from GoGoGrandparent dashboard.

Once the driver accepts the request, you will hear the car model, license plate and estimated time of arrival. You will get a call when the driver is near. To speak to your driver, call GoGo and press 3 anytime.

This service by GoGoGrandparent is available 24/7. They work with Uber and Lyft to make sure you get an affordable and convenient ride. You can also schedule rides in advance by speaking to GoGo operator.

Let GoGo know about your vehicle preference to get a car that you like. You may need a vehicle with more trunk space to accommodate canes, wheelchairs, crunches or any ambulatory equipment.

Here is a short story by Letty Morales. She stopped driving in 2017 due to an accident and regularly uses Uber through GoGo ever since.

GoGoGrandparent services are available in 50 US states and Canada.

These were 3 ways to get an Uber for seniors without smartphones.

I have covered both Uber and Lyft for seniors in detail. Refer to the following past articles to know more.

Ridesharing services like Uber provide an excellent alternative to traditional taxis for seniors. Older adults who live alone and chose to “age in place” regularly use ridesharing services because of convenience and affordability.

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