12 Best Cell Phone Holders for Elderly

12 cell phone holders for elderly

A cell phone holder enables the elderly to keep their phone easily accessible and protected. Seniors can use their smartphones for video calls, zoom meetings or watching movies without the fatigue of holding phones in their hands for long sessions.  

There are plenty of benefits of using a mobile phone holder for elderly that I will discuss in this article. But, let us first have a look at the top cell phone holders for seniors.

12 Cell Phone Holders for Elderly

These are the top-selling products in their categories with great features and excellent customer feedback and ratings.

1: LISEN Cell Phone Stand

Compatible Devices: All Mobile Phones, Kindle, iPad and other Tablets.

This is an ideal cell phone holder for elderly to use for video calls or when they are multitasking. You can keep it on the dining table and enjoy watching videos while having dinner or on the kitchen countertop to follow a recipe during cooking.

  • Stable and Load Bearing:  It comes with a weighted base and aluminum alloy rod, making it stable enough to hold all smartphones or tablets. The anti-slip base is ideal for a firm grip and to avoid tip-overs. The increased counterweight block in the pedestal makes it more load-bearing and stable.
  • Best Visual Experience: The ergonomic design helps to fix your posture and reduce neck and back pain by providing a comfortable viewing angle. The height and viewing angle can be adjusted according to your need.
  • Designed for Easy Charging: Due to bent cables, most cell phone stands can fall over while charging during use. LISEN’s stand has a reserved charging hole for cable management so you do not have bent, tangling and tip-over issues.
  • Protection for Your Phone: The back and bottom of the phone are fully protected by anti-skid silicon to protect against scratches and slides. The stand is grip-friendly and the base is anti-slip and stable to avoid accidental falls.

This cell phone holder can be used in multiple ways by seniors. You can watch videos while working in the kitchen or make family calls without holding the phone in your hands for long.  

2: OMOTON Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Compatible Devices: Most cell phones and smartphones including iPhone, Samsung, Google, Huawei, Sony, LG

OMOTON’s desktop cell phone stand is another phone holder for elderly that provides a perfect viewing angle and is made up of excellent material. The key features include

  • Perfect Viewing: Adjustable angle could be adjusted (270-degree rotating) to achieve the perfect viewing angle for you.
  • Anti-Slippery and Anti-Scratch: The silicone pads are used on contact points to protect your mobile from scratches and slipping. It also comes with silicon pads on the bottom to protect it from slipping and instability.
  • Great Design: Thicker (3mm) aluminum material with excellence in details (CNC technology, same as Apple products). The edges are comfortable to touch.
  • Cases/ Covers Compatible: The hooks are wide enough to hold all cell phones with cases and covers so you do not have to take them off while charging.

It is available in multiple colors and users have excellent feedback and ratings for this cell phone stand.

3: Cell Phone Necklace for Elderly

Compatible Devices: Universal design. Fits phones up to 3.75” wide &6.75” tall.

This neck phone holder is an excellent choice if you are looking for a cell phone necklace for elderly. The universal design is ideal for most smartphones and accommodates mobile phones with cases and covers.  The key features include

  • Easy Access to Phone: This neck cell phone holder provides easy and convenient access to your phone. You do not have to open your bag or search for the phone in your pocket to answer a call.
  • Comfortable: Wear the lanyard around the neck and carry bank cards, ID and cash in the back pocket. No more loaded and heavy pockets and compromise on comfort.
  • Ideal for Seniors: Keeps phone within reach. No more losing/dropping the phone. Ideal for older adults who cannot hear the ring if the phone is in their pocket or bag and miss the calls.

This cell phone necklace for elderly is perfect for walking, traveling, grocery shopping and more. It won’t block the camera lens so you can take photos/videos anytime.

It is the best cell phone holder for elderly as it provides quick and easy access to your phone and you never miss a call because you did not hear the phone ring.

4: Cell Phone Pouch

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones

This cell phone pouch is the best choice if you do not want to expose your phone and want to carry it in multiple ways. The key features of this cell phone pouch for elderly are:

  • Well Designed: Enough room to fit cell phones with cases or covers. Made up of durable nylon oxford and soft cushioned inside to protect your phone.
  • Carry More Stuff: A card slot to carry your cards and RFID blocking feature to protect from unauthorized scans and a pen holder.
  • Multiple Carrying Options: Wear the pouch vertically, horizontally, clip-on, climbing hook or use a lanyard.

This phone pouch is perfect for travel, walking, cycling, hiking and camping and outdoor activities. I love its high-quality material and extra protection for mobile phones.

5: Waterproof Phone Pouch

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones

This waterproof cell phone pouch for elderly is a beach essential and a must-have for a cruise trip or water rides at parks. If you are going out on vacation, this case will protect your phone and enables you to take underwater photos and videos.

  • Big Size: Up to 7.2 inches capacity means it can fit any mobile phone along with other important stuff like a passport, bank card etc.
  • Certified Waterproof Case: IPX8 certified waterproof up to 100 feet/ 30 meters.
  • Extra Features: Snow and sand proof. Scratch resistant. Adjustable lanyard with security lock.

If you want to protect your phone from water and take underwater photos, this is a perfect case. It gives you peace of mind that your cell phone is safe and secure on beaches and outdoor activities.

6: Gooseneck Phone Holder

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones

This is the best cell phone holder for elderly who use their phone on the bed, in the kitchen or on a desk and enjoy flexible desired angles while watching videos.

  • Watch Videos while Lying: Watch videos hands-free while lying in the bed or sofa. Multiple uses include video calls with family when the holder is clipped on the desk or following recipes and watching Netflix while working in the kitchen.
  • Easy to Use: Securely mount the clip holder on the bed frame, bedside, headboard, nightstand, desk, table, or kitchen counter. A non-slip silicone base won’t scratch your furniture. Flexibility to rotate to your desired angle.
  • Stable as Compared to Competitors: This is the best gooseneck holder, made of high-quality aluminum and a solid arm. The solid arm adds to the stability and the long arm is not super flexible type, which adds stability and it is not shaky as other similar products.

This gooseneck phone holder is flexible to bend in any direction to accommodate your view and is a lifesaver to protect you from neck pain.

7: B-Land Cell Phone Holder

Compatible Devices: Most phones from major bands are supported (2.2 – 3.3 inches wide)

Another flexible mobile phone holder for elderly that enables them to use their phones hands-free when lying in bed and in many other situations.

  • Multiple Uses: You can bend the flexible gooseneck in any shape to accommodate your use. Wrap it around your neck or under your mattress or use it as a stand on your desk.
  • Easy to Carry: It comes with a beautiful box and the phone mount is magnetically connected with a gooseneck stand which is easy to remove and carry around while traveling.
  • Great Design: Widely compatible. Very sturdy because of its 70% aluminum-magnesium alloy construction, easy to carry around and can be used in almost any situation.

This cell phone holder from B-Land is highly rated and liked by users and is the best-selling product in its category.

8: Fanny Pack Phone Belt

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones

A fanny pack belt is the best way to carry a cell phone and other items (such as a passport, keys, ID) when you are traveling, walking, cycling or hiking, on holidays, festivals and other outdoor activities. The advantages of a fanny pack include:

  • Multiple Pockets and Uses: 4 zipped pockets to carry the most needed items. Key fob hook to carry your keys. A theft-proof back pocket. Earphone hole in phone pocket.
  • Quality Material: Water-resistant material. Anti-scratch internal material. Smooth zippers and durable zipper.
  • Many Ways to Wear: The long strap is widely adjustable for most waist sizes (20 inches – 50 inches). Wear it in front of the waist, as a belt bag, back on the hip or slant across the chest or shoulder.  

This is the perfect cell phone holder for elderly who want to carry more stuff and prefer spacious pockets. Ideal for travel and outdoor activities.

9: Phone Holder for Wheelchair, Walker, Mobility Scooter

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones

This phone and cup holder fits on a walker, wheelchair, bike, mobility scooter, shopping cart, lawnmower, treadmill etc. Seniors can easily access their mobile phones and drinks while using walkers, mobility scooters etc.

It can rotate 360 degrees and is adjustable to fit different size rods. The clamp is designed with a rubber pad to lock the cup holder on the bar to ensure the bottle and drink are steady even on the rough road.

A must-have mobile phone holder for elderly who use a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

10: Wall Mount Cell Phone Holder

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones and tablets

If you are looking for a phone holder that you can mount on the mirror to watch a video while shaving or near your charging socket to hold a mobile phone while it is charging, this wall-mount mobile phone holder is the best option.

  • Multiple Uses: Use it in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, and office. Perfect for watching videos when cooking or shaving or holding your phone on the wall next to your desk or near the charger.
  • Easy to Install: No drilling required. Mount to a wall with a smooth surface such as a lime wall, smooth wallpaper, tiles, glass, wooden and metal surface or stainless steel.
  • Firm and Durable: Holds up to 2 lbs. Made of aluminum alloy material and soft rubber cushions.

It is suitable for all smartphones and tablets. You can keep the phone horizontally or vertically and charge your cell phone without removing it from this wall-mount phone holder.

11: Cell Phone Stand with Bluetooth Speaker

Compatible Devices: All mobile phones and tablets

This mobile phone holder comes with a wireless Bluetooth speaker and a built-in microphone. It is an ideal gadget for seniors who are not satisfied with their phone’s sound.

  • Enjoy Stunning Sound: The portable Bluetooth speaker delivers stunning sound with enhanced bass and clear highs without distortion at any volume.
  • Ideal for Video Calls for Seniors: Adjustable angle can be adjusted as required. The built-in microphone and loud sound from the speaker make it ideal for video calling with your family and friends.
  • Excellent Design: The pad back and bottom are covered with anti-skid silicone to provide protection to your phone from scratches and sliding. Buttons for volume control, receiving the calls and play/pause/hang up.

This is an ideal cell phone holder for elderly because of its 2 in 1 functionality. The Bluetooth 5.0 speaker is great for video calls and watching videos.

12: Universal Car Phone Holder

Amazon has plenty of different types of car phone holders but iOttie’s dashboard and windshield phone holder is best-selling and top-rated in this category.

  • One Touch Mechanism: One touch system to mount and release your phone in seconds. Holds your phone securely and firmly.
  • Adjustable Customized View: The telescopic arm extends as you need and the rotating head helps to achieve the desired viewing angle.
  • Magnetic Cord Organizer: Charging cables can be neatly organized with a magnetic tab at the bottom.

Mount it on the dashboard or windshield, the suction cup base provides a stronghold.

The above 12 cell phone holders for elderly are the best in their categories and seniors love these products.

7 Benefits of Cell Phone Holders for Seniors

Some of the advantages of mobile phone holders for elderly include:

1: Easy to Carry

Carry your phone easily in a holder or pouch instead of your pocket or purse. This is a useful feature if you do not have pockets or do not like bulky pockets. Use a lanyard to wear the phone around your neck or use a pouch to carry it on your belt.

2: Safety and Protection

Phone necklaces and lanyards protect your phone from falling on the ground even if it is slipped from your hands. Waterproof holders are useful to protect against water and sand. You may experience scratch issues with your phone if you keep it in a pocket with sharp objects such as keys.

All of the above cell phone holders are scratch resistant.

3: Easy Access

Wearing your phone around the neck means you can see and respond to incoming messages and calls easily. This feature is excellent if you are walking or doing any outdoor activity. Access your phone as you go without stopping to look for it in your pocket or bag.

4: Multi-Tasking

One of the advantages of a cell phone holder for elderly is that it keeps your hands free. You can work in the kitchen or brush your teeth in the bathroom while enjoying videos on your phone.

5: Ideal for Video Calls and Watching Videos

A phone stand on your desk or a gooseneck holder is great for video calls with your family and friends without holding phones in your hand for long intervals. Watching lengthy videos and movies and following cooking video recipes is much easier when you do not have to hold the mobile phone.

6: Hearing Impaired Friendly

It is common to suffer from mild hearing impairment as you age. Many seniors miss incoming calls because the phone ringer is not loud enough. If you are carrying your phone outside your pocket, you can clearly listen to the phone ring.

You can also enjoy video calls and audio/video much better on a cell phone holder with a Bluetooth speaker and built-in microphone.

7: Avoid “Tech Neck”

Looking down at your phone for long periods of time can result in stiffness and pain in your neck (also known as “tech neck” or “text neck”).

Tech Neck/ Text Neck

A cell phone holder can be used to adjust the height and viewing angle of your mobile phone to comfortably view the content on your phone screen while you are sitting or lying in bed.

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