20 Best Gadgets for Seniors

gadgets for seniors

The advancement of new technology has provided many devices and tools for seniors, to make life easier and more productive. These gadgets keep older adults safe, healthy, entertained and connected with family and friends. Some of these gadgets for seniors are helpful on daily basis in the kitchen and bathrooms.

All of these gadgets are selected on basis of excellent customer feedback and ratings, expert reviews and great features for the elderly. They are the best products for seniors, in their respective categories.

Here is the list of the Top 20 gadgets for seniors with a detailed review of each product.
  1. Amazon Echo Show
  2. Kindle Paperwhite
  3. Ring Video Doorbell
  4. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum
  5. Tile Slim
  6. Ring HD Security Camera
  7. Electric Jar Opener for Seniors
  8. Electric Can Opener
  9. Magic Opener
  10. Fullstar Chopper
  11. Philips Electric Toothbrush
  12. iHave Toothpaste Dispenser
  13. Secura Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser
  14. Toothbrush Sanitizer
  15. Bath Grab Bar with Indicators
  16. FitBit Charge 5
  17. ORKA Talking Clock and Medication Reminder
  18. Air Massager (Legs and Feet Massager)
  19. Automatic Pill Dispenser
  20. Withings Smart Scale

Smart Devices for Seniors

Make your life easier with these helpful smart devices. Keep your surroundings secure and yourself informed and entertained.

1. Amazon Echo Show – Alexa smart device for seniors

Echo Show 8

Amazon’s Echo Show is one of the most helpful gadgets for seniors to keep them informed, entertained and connected with family and friends. Alexa devices like Echo Show open the world of entertainment for older adults and make their life easier.

Here are some of the things Amazon’s Echo Show can help seniors with.

  • Keeps seniors informed: Ask Alexa about weather reports, the latest news or any basic Information with simple questions like “Alexa will it rain tomorrow” or “Alexa, what is in the news today” and get answers immediately.
  • Stay Connected with Family and Friends: Avoid isolation and stay in touch with family and friends with Echo Show’s drop in skill and video calls.
  • Set Reminders: Set reminders to take medication or for medical appointments etc and Echo Show will remind you
  • Play Games: You can play many games on Echo Show like Trivia, Quizzes and more
  • Listen to Podcasts: You can listen to the different podcasts on Echo Show. My favorite is TED Talks.

Above are only a few examples of what an Alexa smart device like Amazon’s Echo Show can do for seniors. The possibilities are endless from making shopping lists to knowing about your favorite celebrity or film or alerting a family member in case of an emergency.

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2. Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a thin, lightweight and easy-to-use e-reader for seniors. It is one of the best gadgets for senior citizens who are book lovers as it has a glare-free display that feels like you are reading a paper book. The key features include:

  • Purpose-Built for Reading: 6.8” glare-free display that reads like real paper. Up to 10 weeks of battery life.
  • Easy on the Eyes: Adjust the shade of the display from white light to warm amber. You can also adjust the size of the text and boldness for a better reading experience.
  • Read Books Anywhere: Kindle Paperwhite is water resistant so you can take it to the beach. It is thin and lightweight which makes it easy to carry around. The display is ideal to read, even in bright sunlight.

Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader for seniors as it is easy on the eyes, has a glare-free display and is very lightweight which makes it easy to hold for long reading sessions. Amazon Kindle is a much better option for book lovers, as compared to iPad or other Tablets.

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3. Ring Video Doorbell

Ring Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell is one of the best gadgets for seniors to keep their homes safe. It enables the elderly to see, hear and speak to anyone at their door, from anywhere using a phone, tablet or computer. Other key features include:

  • Monitor Your Home: 1080p HD video, crisper night vision and real-time notification when visitors press your doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors.
  • Dual Power: You can use the built-in rechargeable battery or connect to the existing doorbell wire for constant power.
  • Two-way Talk: You can listen and talk to the person at your front door via Ring doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell is one of the most useful gadgets for senior citizens to keep them safe and secure and monitor their front doors. You can see people when they ring your doorbell and you are not at home. You can ask the delivery person to leave your package or let them know when you will be available. It is highly cost-effective and worth it to have a Ring doorbell for the elderly living alone.

4. iRobot Roomba Robot Vacuum

Roomba Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is a smart way to keep your floors tidy. iRobot Roomba Vacuum comes with a 3-stage cleaning system that lifts dirt, dust and debris from carpets and floors. The edge-sweeping brush cleans the corners and edges. Some of the benefits of the iRobot vacuum that makes it one of the best gadgets for senior citizens to have in their home include:

  • Clean Multiple Floor Surfaces: It cleans hardwood flooring, tiles, carpets or rugs. The Roomba has no problem transitioning from one surface type to other during cleaning.
  • Dual Multi-surface Brushes: Roomba 694 vacuum comes with dual multi-surface brushes that allow it to remove dirt and sand from deep within the fibers of the rug.
  • Automatic Recharging: works 90 minutes on single charging and docks itself for recharging.
  • Advanced Sensors to Get Around: A full suite of advanced sensors allows the robot to navigate under and around the furniture, along the edges. Cliff detects keep it from falling from stairs.

iRobot’s Roomba Vacuum works with Alexa. You can ask the vacuum to start cleaning by voice command or from the app as well. This is one of the helpful gadgets for seniors that make their life easier.

5. Tile Slim

Tile Slim

Tile Slim is a versatile tracker for keys, bags and other items. Attach the Tile Mate to anything like backpacks and purses. It is one of the best gadgets for the elderly with dementia or seniors who suffer from forgetfulness, which comes with age for many people. Some of the key features of this little gadget are:

  • Find Stuff Nearby or Far Away: Use the Tile app to ring your tile when it is within Bluetooth range (up to 250 feet) or view the most recent location from the Tile app if you are far away, outside the Bluetooth range.
  • Compatibility: Android, iOS and Smart Home compatible
  • Thin Design: Ideal to slide in wallets, phone covers and more
  • Water-resistant and up to 3 years non-replaceable battery

This little gadget is very useful to have for older adults who keep forgetting where they kept their keys or wallet and more.

6. Ring HD Security Camera

Ring Security Camera

If you are looking for safety and security gadgets for seniors, Ring’s security camera is your best option because of its extensive features and excellent ratings and feedback from customers. Some of the benefits of having a Ring Security Cam are:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Seniors can use this camera to monitor their pets, inside and outside the security of their homes and for other purposes.
  • Battery Operated: This is the best feature to have in a security cam. Battery-operated cam means it can be mounted anywhere inside or outside and does not need a power socket to operate.
  • Two-way Communication: You can see, hear and talk to the person on the other side, through the camera with a built-in mic and speaker.
  • Multiple Mounting Options: Keep it on a shelf or mount it on a wall.

Ring HD Security Camera is Alexa-compatible and can be used for different purposes. It is one of the ideal gadgets for senior citizens to monitor their homes, pets and more when they are outside. It can also be installed outside the home for safety and security purposes as it detects any unwanted motion and sends you notifications in real time. Ring HD security cam can also be used for elderly parents monitoring.

Note: You can also opt for Ring Indoor Cam if you are planning to use it for indoor monitoring. It costs less and needs to be plugged into a power socket. Know all about the 5 best indoor cameras for elderly monitoring.

Kitchen Gadgets for Seniors

These useful gadgets make life easier for seniors while working in the kitchen.

7. Electric Jar Opener for Seniors

Electric Jar Opener

It can be very difficult for older adults with weak hands to open jars or bottles. The Electric Jar opener is the perfect kitchen gadget for weak hands and seniors with arthritis. This Jar opener helps you open any jar or bottle with minimal effort.

  • Open Lids with the Push of a Button: It is an easy-to-use jar opener. You need 2 AA batteries to operate and it will open any kind of jar within 15 seconds.
  • One Opener for All Sizes: Will open lids from 30MM to 88MM
  • Perfect Gift: It is specially designed for elderly people and makes a perfect gift for seniors with Arthritis, weak or Rheumatoid hands.

It is small and lightweight and fits in a drawer under your kitchen counter. One of the essentials for seniors to have in their kitchens.

8. Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener

Like Jars, it can be difficult for seniors to open cans. This Electric Can Opener allows seniors to open a can with the push of a button. One of the must-have gadgets for seniors in their kitchens.

  • Cut Any Size of Can: Push the button to turn it on and it will cut cans 360 degrees along the lid. Push the button again to stop.
  • Super Safe: The blade cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside. It leaves no sharp cuts.
  • Elderly-friendly Design: Helpful for people with challenging hand grips and the elderly suffering from arthritis.

Must have ideal kitchen gadget for seniors that safely open the cans leaving smooth rim without sharp edges. No more injuries or efforts for older adults to open any type of can.

9. Magic Opener

Magic Opener

Magic Opener is one of the helpful gadgets for seniors that is designed to open most soda bottles, regular bottles with small or regular caps, glass bottles and more. It can be challenging for seniors to open bottles or cans, especially while cooking.

This little gadget enables older adults to open most bottles and cans with ease. You can use it to open 8 different sizes of caps including soda bottles, soup and pet food pull-tab cans, water bottles and more.

10. Fullstar Chopper

Fullstar Chopper

Fullstar Chopper is a multifunction kitchen gadget for seniors. It is a vegetable chopper, slicer, onion and salad chopper and food slicer all in one.

  • High Quality: Not all choppers are made up of the best quality material. This multifunction chopper by Fullstar has 11 easy-to-change inserts and has a good-quality steel blade, a large catch tray and safety features.
  •  Nonslip and no Mess: The base is nonslip which makes chopping easier. It is dishwasher-safe and easy to wash.
  • Additional Products: Bonus handheld peeler, juicer, egg separator and slicer are also included. Juice your fresh lemons or oranges, separate yolks from egg whites and slice the hard-boiled eggs.

This is one of the helpful gadgets for seniors that makes chopping vegetables, slicing and peeling easy and fun. A must-have kitchen gadget to make your life easier.

Bathroom Gadgets for Seniors

Some of the gadgets for elderly that they can use in their bathrooms every day.

11. Philips Electric Toothbrush

Philip Electric Toothbrush

Sonicare 4100 electric toothbrush by Philips is a useful gadget for older adults. Electric toothbrushes are more effective and easier to use for the elderly with limited mobility, as compared to manual toothbrushes. Some other advantages include:

  • Removes 5X more plaque as compared to a manual toothbrush
  • Pressure sensor to protect teeth and gums from over-brushing
  • 2 minutes smartTimer on basis of dentists recommendations
  •  Brush head replacement reminder
  • One charge of battery lasts for 2 weeks

Philips electric toothbrush is one of the helpful gadgets for seniors to improve oral health. It is safer, easy to use and effective for older adults.

12. iHave Toothpaste Dispenser

iHave Toothpaste Dispenser

iHave’s toothpaste dispenser is one of the best gadgets for seniors to have in their bathrooms. It also works as a toothbrush holder and has 6 brush slots. The key features include:

  • Multifunction: It comes with a storage compartment, tray and drawer. You can store combs, soap, razors, cosmetics and more. It has a toothpaste dispenser that makes it easy to squeeze the toothpaste without wastage. It has 6 slots to hang toothbrushes.
  • Easy to Install: No drilling or hole. Wall-mounted installation only requires you to clean the wall and press the adhesive strip to bond the wall for 2 hours, then hang the toothbrush holder.

It is a durable and high-quality product that seniors can use in their bathrooms to store the essentials, keeping the bathrooms clean and tidy. It is easy to wash and holes at the bottom keep it ventilated and dry.

13. Secura Automatic Hand Soap Dispenser

Secura Dispenser

Secura’s 17oz automatic liquid soap dispenser is a battery-operated touchless liquid dispenser. It has an attractive and stylish design with a high-quality chrome and black finish. Other features of this cool bathroom gadget for seniors include:

  • Volume Control:  Adjustable soap dispenser volume control switch to dispense the amount you want. It also has an on/off switch.
  • Keep it on a countertop or use it wall-mounted. It can also be used in kitchens.
  • Touchless Operation: The infrared sensor detects hands from 2.75 inches distance.
  • Multiple Usages: Works with liquid hand soap, hand lotion, dish soap, shampoo and shower gel etc.

It works without touching which is good for improved hygiene and comes with a large volume clear container.

14. Toothbrush Sanitizer

Toothbrush Sanitizer

According to studies, an average toothbrush contains up to 100 million bacteria. Bacteria cause toothaches, cavities and bad breath. The solution to this problem is to have a UV toothbrush sanitizer in your bathroom. Caresfull’s UV Sanitizer is a great product with excellent feedback from users.

  • Deep UV Sterilization: Kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi and spores with no side effects.
  • Fits All Toothbrushes: It is one of the few UV sanitizers that fits all sizes of toothbrushes, manual or electric.
  • Battery lasts for 1 month if you use it two times a day.

It can serve as a travel case for your toothbrush. Toothbrush sanitizer is one of the must-have personal hygiene gadgets for senior citizens.

15. Bath Grab Bar with Indicators

Bath Grab Bar

Bathroom falls and injuries are common among seniors. We need to use the bathroom daily and it should be a safe place to go. Assistive devices such as grab bars help older adults to stay safe in bathrooms. Getting in and out of a bathtub is much easier with the help of bath grab bars.

AmeriLouck’s Bath Grab Bar with indicators is an ideal product for senior safety in bathrooms. It is very easy to install without any tools. The indicators change from red to green when the hold is achieved. One of the best safety gadgets in your shower to avoid falls.  

Health and safety gadgets for seniors

16. FitBit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5

FitBit Charge 5 is one of the best gadgets for senior citizens when it comes to fitness and health tracking. It comes with sleep tracking and a heart rate monitor among other health features.

  • GPS Tracker: It tracks daily activities including distance covered with a map and steps count. See real-time pace and distance with built-in GPS, without your phone app.
  • Health Metrics: Track oxygen levels (SpO2), heart rate variability, skin temperature variations, sleep quality and more.
  • Exercise Modes: 20 exercise modes to set personal goals for runs, rides and more. 24/7 heart rate monitoring and taking ECG if you need to.
  • Daily Readiness: Daily Readiness score to see if you are ready to exercise or if you should focus on recovery.

Track your calorie count and understand how your body reacts to stress with a daily Stress Management Score plus find the calm with mindfulness tools. Fitbit Charge 5 is the best fitness tracker for seniors with extensive health monitoring features.

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17. ORKA Talking Clock and Medication Reminder

ORKA Talking Clock

It is common problem for seniors to forget to take their medications on time. ORKA talking alarm clock is specially designed for seniors to help eliminate anxiety about skipped medication. A large HD display with large digits makes it a perfect gift for visually impaired elderly and dementia patients.

  • Record Personalized Alarm Voice Messages: Only one of its kind clock that allows up to 8 reminders, recorded in your own voice. The clock displays time and day and announces in 6 languages including English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
  • Ideal for Visually Impaired and Dementia Patients: One button press announces the time, day and date. Alarms and Reminders help dementia patients never miss doctor appointments or medication timings.
  • Senior Friendly: Oversized and easy-to-operate controls. Volume control switch and adjustable volume up to 90db. Adjustable brightness.

ORKA talking clock is one of the best gadgets for the elderly and makes an ideal gift for your parents and grandparents.

18. Air Massager (Legs and Feet Massager)

Fit King Massager

Fit King Air Massager is a legs and feet massager for circulation to relax muscles and relieve fatigue and pain. You get 10 different massage techniques and modes are selectable. 20 minutes auto shut-off functions are useful for the elderly. It can be used to:

  • Relieve Pain and Fatigue: If you sit or stand for a long time or travel, relieve the fatigue with the Fit King Massager.
  • Improve Circulation: Middle-aged and elderly can safely and easily use the massager daily and improve circulation with regular use.
  • Relax Muscles: Seniors can use this massager after gym, biking, climbing, dancing, yoga or running sessions for relaxing their muscles.

One of the best gadgets for senior citizens and an ideal gift for your elderly parents and loved ones to keep them relaxed and improve their health.

19. Automatic Pill Dispenser

Automatic Pill Dispenser

Very useful little gadget for elderly who forget to take their medication on time. This product can help older adults to take care of their medications without relying on caregivers, family and friends.

  • Secure Design: The custom barrel key for theft control.
  • Alarm and LED Notifications: Three different alarm volume tones and a bright flashing LED light to notify you to take the medications on time.
  • Easy to Use: Time displayed on the screen. Easy to set up alarms and notifications. 28 medication compartments. Portable design to carry around while traveling.

Alarm volume control is ideal for the hearing impaired. A nice gadget to make sure you never miss your medication and makes a good gift for elderly loved ones.

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20. Withings Smart Scale

Withings Smart Scale

Withings Smart Scale is one of the best gadgets for seniors to help them achieve their fitness goals. It is the #1 best-selling smart scale in the US.

  • BMI Measurement: It works as a BMI measurement tool and body fat analyzer. It monitors weight, body fat, water percentage, muscle and more.
  • Compatibility: It syncs with the Apple watch and more than 100 top health and fitness apps.
  • Accurate Measurements: This weight scale is accurate to 100 grams. position control technology guides you to get precise weight measurements.
  • For all Family Members: Up to 8 family members can weigh and access their personal histories. It has a baby mode to track the youngest members of the family.

Withings Smart Scale has long battery life and can operate for up to 18 months on four standard AAA batteries. It is one of the most popular smart scales with exceptional accuracy.

All of the above helpful gadgets for seniors make ideal gifts for elderly parents and loved ones. These devices keep seniors entertained, connected, safer and independent. These products are the best in their categories and enjoy a great reputation among older adults who use them regularly.

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