3 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers with Alarms

3 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers with Alarms

According to a survey by AARP, 75% of older adults of age 50 and older take prescription medication on regular basis. It is very important to take the right dose of medications at the right times but it can be challenging for dementia patients and the elderly to follow the complex combination of pills and keep track of the timings for medication.

An automatic pill dispenser with alarm allows you to organize and schedule the medications. You put the pills in the pill dispenser with alarm and set the date/time when you want those pills to be dispensed. The alarm will go off at your selected time and the correct dose of medicines will be dispensed to you.

After evaluating many pill dispensers, we have come up with the 3 best automatic pill dispensers with alarms on the basis of users feedback and ratings and features they have.

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5 Benefits of Automatic Pill Dispenser for Seniors

There are many benefits of an automatic pill dispenser for seniors. It makes taking medicines an easy-to-do daily task. Here are 5 more benefits.

1: Time-saving

It is very important for seniors to take the correct medicines each time. It is a very time-consuming process to go through all the medicines to get the ones you need. You can load the pill dispenser for a long time, saving you time.

2: Take the Right Dose at the Right Time

This is the most important function of an automatic pill dispenser for seniors. It reminds you to take the medicine on time and provides you correct dosage. Forgetfulness is very common for dementia patients and the elderly so many seniors do not take their medicines properly. An automatic pill dispenser with alarm is a lifesaver for seniors in such situations.

3: Independence

Seniors can use pill dispensers instead of relying on family members or caregivers for their medication. It is also a great tool for family members and caregivers to keep a record of medication for seniors.

You can help elderly loved ones using the elderly care apps, even if they live alone.

4: Safety Around kids

The automatic pill dispenser with alarm comes with a security lock that provides additional safety features for kids and pets.

5: Portable/ Easy to Carry

Most pill dispensers are portable and easy to carry in a bag when you go out. You can have your medicines with you wherever you go, with an alarm system to remind you to take your medication at right time.

3 Best Automatic Pill Dispensers with Alarms

Our best picks for “automatic pill dispenser with alarm” are reviewed in detail below.

1: Med-E-Lert DispenserSecure with Automatic Lock

Med-E-Lert Dispenser

This automatic pill dispenser with alarm comes with a lock box with 28 sealed pill compartments and a clear lid. It provides ultimate customization and comes with 6 dosage rings. Med E Lert Dispenser has a security feature; a custom barrel key significantly reduces the chances of theft.

It comes with three different volume tones and a flashing red LED light to remind you when it is time to take medications, up to six times a day.


  • 28 days of medication can be organized
  • Secured with custom barrel key
  • Beautiful design with transparent lid
  • Easy to track schedule with 6 scheduling rings


  • It can be a little tricky to set the time and alarm if you never set time on a clock

This pill dispenser with alarm is a great gift for seniors and the elderly with dementia. Older adults do not have to rely on others for their medications if they use a medicine dispenser with an alarm like this.

2: 7 Days Pill Organizer – Moisture-proof & large compartments

7 Days Pill Organizer

This is 7 days pill dispenser with alarm that has 14 compartments for 2 times/day medication. It has a large screen display and large buttons for setting alarms (up to 4 times a day). It uses food-grade material for medical use safety.

The cover is transparent plastic and storage prevents the odor of the tablets. It is moisture-proof and dust-proof and pill boxes have plenty of space. Its portable size makes it ideal for seniors to carry around with them.


  • Portable design with transparent lids and large pill compartments
  • Odor-proof, moisture-proof and dust-proof design
  • Food-grade material, safe for health and medical use
  • Alarm (up to 4 times a day) to remind you to take the medications


  • Weekly organizer with 7 day maximum limit

3: Smart Pill Dispenser with Alarm via Smartphone

Smart Pill Dispenser

This automatic pill dispenser for seniors comes with 28 compartments of medicine organizer with multiple ways to remind patients to take medication on time. The reminder flashes the lightbar repeatedly and the alarm clock goes off and the built-in pill container automatically rotates to the meds outlet.

You can connect the pill dispenser to your smartphone via Bluetooth and set alarms and pills through the app (the app is available on the Play Store for iPhone user and Google Play Store for Android users). You can monitor the medicines record to make sure that medicines were taken on time via your smartphone app.


  • Multiple reminding methods: You are reminded via alarm, flashing light and smartphone notification to take the medicines.
  • 28 Days organizer: You can use 28 suspicious compartments to organize pills for 28 days at a time.
  • Easy to use: Set alarms from your smartphone app. Swing the arm to open/close the lid by toggling.
  • New added barrier plate: Upgraded cover with new-added barrier plate to hold the pills in place.


  • High price

These are the 3 best automatic pill dispensers with alarm having excellent user feedback and ratings and great features to make sure that seniors take their medications correctly and on time, without relying on others.

You can gift these medicine dispensers to your parents, grandparents or elderly loved ones to show them how much you care.

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