12 Best Elderly Care Apps for 2023

Elderly care apps

Family and professional caregivers have various challenges when it comes to caring for older loved ones. In this article, I will share the best elderly care apps to help caregivers solve challenges and keep their caregiving efforts organized.

From medication reminders to organizing and coordinating with other caregivers, these apps help you with everything. 

12 Best Elderly Care Apps

These are top-rated and downloaded apps for elderly care on App Store and Google Play Store.

1: ianacare| Organize & mobilize caregiving supportiPhone | Android
2: Caring Bridge| Share health updatesiPhone | Android
3: Care Linx| Coordinate for better caregivingiPhone | Android
4: Medi Safe| Medication reminder & health trackeriPhone | Android
5: Lumosity| Most popular brain trainingiPhone | Android
6: Snug Safety| The daily check-in appiPhone | Android
7: Carely Family| Connecting family caregiversiPhone | Android
8: All Well Senior Care| Keep an eye on seniors healthiPhone | Android
9: CircleOf| Build a caregiving team for family careiPhone | Android
10: Care.com| Hire the right caregiversiPhone | Android
11: A Walk Through| Experience life as dementia patientiPhone | Android
12: Ridesharing Apps| Request a rideshare for seniorsUber | Lyft

The above apps are reviewed in detail below.

1: Ianacare – Caregiving Support

IANA (I Am Not Alone) provides practical and emotional support in one place by helping and empowering caregivers with tools, resources and community.

It is an integrated platform for family caregivers that organizes and mobilizes every layer of support.

  • Personal Social Circles: The first layer of support is from the personal social circle (family and friends, neighbors and co-workers). Keep everyone updated in private feed and get help for practical needs (meals, rides, pet care).
  • Local Resources: Curated programs and services in all US zip codes for both caregivers and care recipients.
  • Ask for Practical Help or Get Help Without Asking: Share your care request to get practical help from your supporters. Supporters on your team can proactively offer day-to-day help and send money, gift cards or items on your Amazon Wishlist. 

This is one of the best apps for elderly care that is instrumental in coordinating help and came to rescue at the most stressful time of life for many.

Ianacare for iPhone | ianacare for Android

2: Caring Bridge

During a health journey, communication is critical as everyone wants to know what is going on and how they can help. It is not easy to share updates with concerned loved ones and keep up with caregiving duties at the same time.

Caring Bridge is an excellent elderly care app that provides a safe and secure place for caregivers, patients, family and friends to connect and keep up to date with health updates.

The key features of Caring Bridge include:

  • Connect with Family and Friends: Share your health updates (diagnosis, treatment milestones) with family and friends
  • Maintain Privacy: Safe and secure place. Maintain your loved one’s privacy through the app’s settings.
  •  Support and Motivation: Send support and motivation to other caregivers (who are granted access). Connect to GoFundMe and rally support from your community.

One of the must-have elderly care apps to keep updated on your loved one’s health. It enables family caregivers to send inspiration and motivation to each other and keep up to date with new changes in health.

Caring Bridge for iPhone | Caring Bridge for Android

3: CareLinx

Carelinx connects seniors and families with affordable and reliable in-home caregivers for seniors. You can get family quality care for up to 50% less than traditional agencies.

Dedicated Care Advisors help you match, interview and hire the best caregivers from a pool of 400,000 caregivers nationwide.

CareLinx believes that the right caregiver is like family and the mission of this app is to find you the right caregiver.

  • Post a job quickly and you will see instant screened caregivers nearby
  • Message caregivers directly, and get notified when they reply
  • Get personalized support on each step (from searching to hiring)

Stay connected with the caregiver with instant messaging. A geolocation clock-in/out tool lets you see when the caregiver arrives and leaves.

You can use CareLinx for everyday needs like mobility, meal preparation, housekeeping, toileting, bathing, transportation, and companionship.

CareLinx is featured by AARP and Time as an app that makes hiring in-home care for seniors easy and saves families up to 50% over agencies.

CareLinx for iPhone | CareLinx for Android

4: Medisafe Medication Management

A pill and medication reminder is one of the must-have Apps for elderly care to make sure that seniors never miss their medication and take every dose on time.

Medisafe helps caregivers and seniors to keep on track with their medication and avoid improper usage.

The key features of Medisafe include:

  • Medication Reminder: Never forget to take your medicines. The app makes sure you take every dose on time and in the correct amount.
  • Be Safe with Medicines: See crucial drug-to-drug warnings about how your meds might conflict. No risk of missing a dose or taking a double dose.
  • Health Trackers: More than 70 symptom trackers for multiple conditions.

Medisafe is one of the must-have senior care apps ranked #1 out of 461 apps by pharmacists. It has been featured on Fox TV, ABC, Mashable, Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Life Hacker, Boston Globe and many other magazines and publications.

Medisafe for iPhone | Medisafe for Android

5: Lumosity – Brain Training

It is natural for many seniors to suffer a decline in cognitive skills, memory, and attention as they age. Lumosity’s cognitive training program is one of the most famous (used by over 100 million people) to train your mind in a fun way.

Family and professional caregivers use Lumosity to help dementia patients and other seniors to keep their minds sharp. It is a fun way for the elderly to get a brain workout and avoid loneliness and depression.

The key features of Lumosity include:

  • 40+ activities to exercise memory, speed, logic, flexibility and problem-solving.
  • Workout Modes: Personalized challenges based on your training habits and preferences.
  • Improve math and language skills and boost vocabulary
  • Detailed Training Insights: Track your progress and achieve your goals

A team of scientists and designers explored new ways to challenge your brain and advance cognitive research. The tasks were then transformed into games and puzzles to help seniors and others train their brains.

As caregivers, it is important to know that keeping the brain of seniors active is as important as keeping them physically fit.

Puzzles and games help caregivers to keep seniors active and busy and avoid depression and anxiety.

Lumosity for iPhone | Lumosity for Android

6: Snug Safety

According to Pew Research Center , around 27% of senior Americans (60 years and older) opt to live alone. If your elderly parents or other senior loved ones are living alone, checking in on their safety is very important.

Snug Safety is a daily check-in app for seniors that provides an easy way to check on the safety of the elderly and provide peace of mind for them that someone will know if they need help.

You can check out the Snug Safety tutorial for a step-by-step guide to setting up Snug Safety on your phone and keeping a daily update on your seniors living alone.

You can also have a look at the 15 must-have apps for seniors living alone.

Snug Safety for iPhone | Snug Safety for Android

7: Carely Family

Carely simplifies care communication and coordination and helps bring families together around the care of their loved ones.

The key features of this app are:

  • Build a Social Network for Care: Build a circle of family and friends to share coordinating caregiving responsibilities and share pictures, updates and messages, and questions.
  • Coordinate and Communicate: Get everyone on the same page for loved ones’ care. Plan, share, and report on visits.
  • Caregiving resources, community updates, and real-time communication

It is a social caregiving app that brings families together to help seniors who need care and attention. Keep yourself updated with your senior’s health and be available to help, with Carely Family.

Carely Family for iPhone | Carely Family for Android

8: All Well Senior Care

All Well provides 24/7 well-being information for your elderly parents and loved ones. It is one of the must-have elderly care apps for both seniors and caregivers. Keeping a tab on your elderly parents and loved ones is challenging if you live across town or across the country.

Thousands of users trust All Well to

  • Get hourly updates, and instant reports, set up alerts and communicate better
  • The All Well Senior Care Solution lets you check in on your parents to make sure they are safe and healthy.
  • Access real-time updates on your loved one’s wake-up times, activity, and physical fitness.

This senior care app makes it easy for family and professional caregivers to see how seniors are doing today, yesterday, or last week and month.

Seniors can share their locations with caregivers and update them on how they are doing.

All Well Senior Care on iPhone | All Well Senior Care on Android

9: CircleOf

CircleOf is a place for the family to gather and connect around care. It is a health app for caregivers to receive friends and family support for caretaking.

This care app simplifies caring plan by keeping everything organized so you can share responsibilities.

The popular features of CircleOf include:

  • Build a team of family caregivers and “help mates”
  • Manage your senior’s health by coordinating with other caregivers
  • Keep everyone in the loop: Organize everything in one place
  • Video call: Connect instantly with your loved ones through free video calls
  • Collaborate with group messaging and shared calendar

There is nothing more beautiful and satisfying than joining together to take care of a senior family member.

This is one of the most useful apps for elderly care that makes coordination and communication easier for family members.

CircleOf for iPhone | CircleOf for Android

10: Care.com: Hire Caregivers

Care.com app helps you find temporary and qualified caregivers for your seniors with just a few taps of your fingers. These caregivers specialize in elderly care. You can also search for resumes and applications of local professional caregivers and find the right person.

  • Create a job post to share your needs
  • Review and search caregivers (profile, reviews, photos of caregivers)
  • Get alerts when interested caregivers respond
  • Manage bookings, interviews, and payments through Care.com’s app

This app makes it easy to hire caregivers, when and where you need them.

Care.com: Hire Caregivers for iPhone | Care.com: Hire Caregivers for Android

11: A Walk Through Dementia

A Walk Through Dementia is developed by Alzheimer’s Research UK, to help caregivers understand what everyday life can be like for dementia patients.

The app shows virtual dementia challenges at supermarkets, on roads, and in-home through videos that put caregivers and family members in the shoes of the dementia patient.

Developed with the help of dementia patients, the app is designed to promote empathy and understanding so caregivers can provide quality care.

A Walk Through Dementia for iPhone | A Walk Through Dementia for Android

12: The Rideshare Apps

The ridesharing apps can turn into elderly care apps if you need to request a ride for your elderly parents and other loved ones. If you are too busy to take them for a hospital appointment or a shopping trip, you can always request an Uber or Lyft ride for them.

Grandma does not have a smartphone to request an Uber ride. Mom needs a ride from the airport. You can always send them an Uber or Lyft.

I have covered both Uber and Lyft for seniors. Check the links below

Both Uber and Lyft have a “Request a Ride for Someone Else” feature that you can use to request a ride for seniors.

These are the 12 best elderly care apps to help family and professional caregivers with their job. It is not an easy task to keep a record of health updates, medication, and diet without using technology. Most of these apps are useful on daily basis.

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