7 Best Senior Living Podcasts of 2023

Podcasts offer companionship for seniors in everyday activities such as gardening, knitting, or walking. No matter what you are into, there are dozens of podcasts on every possible topic. From senior health and fitness to entertainment, fashion, and senior living.

This article focuses on the 7 best senior living podcasts. Interviews and discussions with industry experts and professionals to help you with all aspects of senior living.

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The podcasts in this list cover everything from resources for family caregivers to the latest trends in the senior living community. Tune in to them to:

1: Navigate Senior Care Issues

Some of the senior living podcasts (like Senior Living Guide by Darleen Mahoney) help families and professional caregivers navigate the challenges of being a caregiver. Experts from the medical field help you with taking good care of your senior loved ones.

2: Get Access to Experts

Listen to industry experts to know about the latest technology, challenges, and innovation in senior living.

Passionate people discuss ideas to improve “standard practices” and help older adults live the best life in their golden years.

3: Listen to Inspirational Stories

Inspirational stories from people who share a passion for serving older adults. Professional caregivers, operators and developers, technologists, and medical professionals share their journey and lessons educating and inspiring others.

4: Access Resources for Seniors and Caregivers

Seniors living podcasts in this list (Senior Fitness by Meredith and Glowing Older by Nancy Griffin) provide resources for family caregivers and older adults to live their best life. If you are aging in place or caring for elderly loved ones, know about the physical and mental well-being of older adults. 

7 Best Senior Living Podcasts

1: Bridge the Gap

Hosts: Lucas McCurdy and Joshua Crisp

Bridge the Gap is dedicated to informing, educating, and influencing the future of housing and services for the elderly in senior living. The podcast is an advocate and a positive voice of influence for seniors, driving quality outcomes for the aging population.

BTG is a great place to hear up-to-date information on the senior living industry.

Guests share stories and answer questions on the hottest senior living topics. Experts who share a passion for all things senior living cover a broad array of topics.

The senior living industry has a voice in form of Bridge the Gap that

  • Informs: Current issues, events, and changes that impact senior care housing
  • Educates: Industry experts and influential guest speakers educate about the best practices and trends
  • Influences: By challenging the traditional way of thinking

If you are interested in senior housing or the aging services field, Bridge the Gap is a must-listen senior living podcast.

Know more about the podcast and hosts from Bridge The Gap Website

Bridge The Gap is Available on Apple Podcasts | Stitcher

2: Senior Living Guide

Host: Darleen Mahoney

Senior Living Guide discusses topics related to seniors and caregivers. If you are a family or professional caregiver, this podcast can be a lifesaver in helping you navigate the challenges and issues of being a caregiver.

The host is passionate and knowledgeable about her work. The experts from the medical field offer their advice and expertise on health-related issues. The host always brings the relevant issues to the table and deep dives into how to get the best possible care when working with your healthcare and insurance providers.

It is one of the must-listen senior living podcasts for caregivers as it provides you with the tools you need to navigate the challenges of caregiving.

The topics covered also address older adults’ concerns and provide them with a better understanding of pursuing a better quality of life in their senior years.

Senior Living Guide is Available on Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Amazon

3: Boomer Living Broadcast

Host: Hanh Brown

The mission of Boomer Living Broadcast is “to serve our older adults collectively as a society, so they do not have to do it alone”. The podcast is inspired by professionals caring for older adults. Every week, the issues of aging adults are discussed.

Listen to the conversations between seniors, caregivers, providers, technologists, neurologists, developers, and operators. All participants have the objective to serve older adults better and improve senior care. They share their stories, journey, and lessons learned in caring for the aging population.

BLB brings together experts and baby boomer families with the objective of sharing knowledge, educating, and inspiring others on how to care for older adults.

If you are looking for a senior living podcast with the objective to serve seniors, this is the best match. Hanh Brown brings useful information on aging to the public through conversations between caregivers and industry experts.

Boomer Living Broadcast is Available on Apple Podcasts | Amazon | Audible

4: Foresight Radio

Host: Rachel Hill and Steve Moran

Foresight Radio is a podcast by Senior Living Foresight that helps senior living operators and professionals become even better. The guest includes the movers, shakers, and innovators from senior living.

Rachel Hill has an amazing way of capturing the guest’s stories and raising questions about important topics. Steve Moran raises hard questions on important issues. A must-listen for people who work or cater to senior living.

Foresight Radio is Available on Apple Podcasts | Amazon | Listen Notes

5: Senior Fitness with Meredith

Host: Meredith Chen

Meredith Chen’s website is full of helpful resources for senior fitness including easy-to-follow workouts, informative articles, and insightful podcasts.

This is one of the best senior living podcasts when it comes to the physical and mental well-being of older adults.

Meredith focuses on the overall wellness of seniors, fitness trainers, and the healthcare industry. You can expect discussions on nutrition, the mental wellness of seniors, positive spirits, and motivation for a healthy and active life.

To give you an idea of what to expect from Senior Fitness with Meredith, the recent episodes discussed:

  • Tips on Exercising in a Wheelchair
  • The 6 Best Stretches You Should Be Doing
  • The Best Exercises to do in the Living Room with No Equipment
  • How Pets Affect our Mental Health
  • Staying Motivated Through Personal Loss
  • The Effects of social media on Seniors

These are some recently covered topics by Meredith Chen on her podcast. Meredith truly understands the senior body. Her workouts are effective but do not leave you in pain and keep you mentally and physically active.

Senior Fitness Podcast is Available on Apple Podcasts | Stitcher | Podcast Addict

6: Glowing Older

Host: Nancy Griffin

Nancy Griffin is a veteran entrepreneur and founder of Senior Trade Media. She is the host of Glowing Older, a weekly podcast that features powerful voices shaping the business of aging well.

The podcast covers innovation in aging well and supports pro-aging. Glowing Older provides resources for family caregivers and aging parents to live their best lives.

Nancy interviews the experts shaping new housing models, strategies for aging in place, wellness programming, and intergenerational living.

You will be amazed how the industry is evolving into really caring about the wellness of the older population.

Nancy is a good listener and asks appropriate questions. Hear the voices of good people who are working towards better care and changing the “standard practice” when it comes to senior living.

Fantastic guests, insightful topics, and well-moderated interviews make it a must-listen senior living podcast.

Glowing Older is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | Stitcher

7: All Ears

Host: Matt Reiners

If you are in the senior living industry, this podcast is a must-listen for you. Matt Reiners (co-founder of Eversound) dives into what drives the senior living industry. The podcast has inspiring, heartwarming, and engaging interviews with passionate experts to show you how things are evolving in senior living.

Matt covers everything including resident and staff satisfaction, innovative technology, community culture, finance, and operations.

It is great to hear how things are evolving as one day most seniors are going to be experiencing these topics.

All Ears is Available on Apple Podcasts | Pod Bay | Ever Sound

These are the 7 best senior living podcasts with the objective of helping seniors, family, and professional caregivers. Listen to Industry experts and passionate people in the senior living community talk about the challenges, technology, opportunities, and innovations that are transforming senior living.

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