42 Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens [2023 List]

Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens

iPad keeps seniors informed, connected, and entertained. There are several different iPad activities for seniors and apps help older adults to get the most out of their iPads.

This article shares the 42 best iPad apps for senior citizens from different categories.

Let us discover some of the best apps for seniors on iPad.

42 Best iPad Apps for Senior Citizens

Category 1- Video Calling Apps

One of the best uses of an iPad for seniors is its ability to connect you with family and friends. Staying connected positively impacts your physical and mental health.

Apple’s iPad offers several ways to virtually connect with your loved ones, no matter how far they live. Here are the top video-calling iPad apps for seniors.

1: FaceTime

Apple products come with FaceTime pre-installed. It is one of the best video calling apps with crystal clear audio and video. You can use the front-facing camera to talk face-to-face or the rear camera to share your surrounding views.

To access FaceTime on your iPad, open Settings and tap on FaceTime. Use your Apple ID to sign in. You can use the Group FaceTime option to video call with more than one contact. The easiest way to do this is to start a group iMessage with people you would like to FaceTime and then tap on Contacts at the top of the message and click the “FaceTime” icon.

You can also use SharePlay to watch movies and tv shows, listen to music, or play games with others on a FaceTime call.

2: Zoom

Many seniors turned to Zoom to virtually connect with loved ones during the pandemic. You can use Zoom for virtual dates, catch-ups, and long conversations to have quality time together.

Use Zoom to video call anyone with a computer, iPhone, Android phone, Tablet, etc. Your contacts do not have to install the Zoom app if they are on a computer. They can join Zoom meetings from its web portal.

3: Skype

Skype is one of the most useful iPad apps for calling, texting, and video conferencing. The HD video calls and smart messaging made it popular. You can even call the landline number using Skype.

You can have one on one or group calling using Skype.

4: Marco Polo

A video chat app that brings you closer to the people who matter the most without compromising on privacy. You can communicate face-to-face in a private ad-free space.

Talk in groups or one-on-one. Send a video and get one back. Continue the conversation on your own schedule. Emoji reactions and special effects make the conversation fun.

The Grandparents Apps

The grandparent’s video calling apps connect you with grandchildren who live far away. You can read kids’ stories, play games, sketch and draw together and make your video calls fun and quality time.

Our top picks for grandparents include:

  1. Caribu: Play, read, and draw together in a video call
  2. Together: Read bedtime stories from hundreds of books, play games and create memories on Together.
  3. Zoog: Read children’s books with AR masks, filters, effects, and music.

You can read the complete review of grandparent apps to see more options.

Category 2 – Podcasts Apps

A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program that you can listen to anytime, anywhere. There are plenty of podcasts for seniors, covering every possible topic including retirement life, senior living, health, history, senior care, and other interesting topics.

You need a Podcast app on your iPad to listen to these podcasts. Apple Podcasts app comes preinstalled on your iPad.

If you like listening to podcasts, you can also try the following best apps for seniors on iPad.

  1. Spotify
  2. Stitcher
  3. Amazon Music

Category 3 – Reading Apps

According to research by the University of Sussex, 6 minutes of reading a book reduces stress by 68%. The research further concludes that reading is the best recreational therapy activity, outperforming music and walking.

iPad is one of the best e-readers for seniors. You can enlarge the text size, adjust the brightness, use the built-in dictionary and text-to-speech function. iPad makes it possible to access thousands of books in a single lightweight gadget.

Our top picks for the best iPad apps for seniors to download and read their favorite eBooks include:

  1. Amazon Kindle: Access more than 6 million eBooks, audiobooks, magazines, and comics. 1000+ free books for Amazon Prime members. The app comes with an invert mode (white text on black background) to read without straining the eyes.
  2. Good Reads: Goodreads is the world’s largest community of readers. Find new and interesting books. Read the reviews of books you are considering reading and receive recommendations.
  3. Apple Books: Apple Books app comes pre-installed on your iPad. You can explore millions of eBooks and audiobooks from every category including fiction, nonfiction, comics, mysteries, and more.
  4. Libby: Libby enables you to access eBooks and audiobooks from your local library. Local libraries offer millions of books that you can borrow for free if you have a local library membership. This app gives you access to eBooks, audiobooks, and magazines – from classics to NYT best-sellers.

There are many other good reading apps for iPad. If you are into books, Check out Kobo Books, Google Play Books and Walmart eBooks.

Category 4 – Audio Book Apps

According to a study by the National Institute of Health, seniors who participated in the audiobook sessions showed a significant improvement in mental health. The research further found that listening to audiobooks reduced aggression, depression, and anxiety among older adults.

The audiobook format allows seniors to listen to the books who find it hard to focus or hold a traditional paperback in their hands.

Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, and Libby give access to millions of audiobooks. Here are some other iPad apps for seniors to listen to their favorite books in audio format.

  1. LibrivoxAudio Books: Unlimited access to 40,000+ classic and best-seller audiobooks including novels, history, biography, and short stories. Listen online or download for later use.
  2. Audible: This is one of the best storytelling apps for seniors on iPad with a large collection of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible Originals. You will get access to the best-selling audiobooks that cannot be found anywhere else. Audible is the biggest spoken-word library in the world. Check out our picks of the best Audible books for seniors.
  3. AudioBooks.com: More than 375000 audiobooks including classics, bestsellers, and new releases. You can access 10,000+ titles for free.

Hoopla Digital allows you to access thousands of eBooks, audiobooks, movies, and other hard-to-find content using your library card.

Category 5 – Social Media Apps

According to the latest statistics, more than 45% of seniors of 65 years and older use at least one social media network. The most popular social media networks among older adults include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Studies also found that the use of social media is beneficial for the overall health of seniors. Humans cannot live in isolation and social media connects you with family, friends, and like-minded people who live far.

Here are the best social media apps for seniors on iPad.

  1. Facebook for iPad
  2. YouTube
  3. Instagram
  4. Twitter
  5. Pinterest

Other social media networks also have iPad apps that you can use.

Category 6 – Streaming Apps

You can use streaming apps to watch your favorite movies and tv shows on your iPad. If you have a subscription to a streaming service, you can download their app to stream content from anywhere.

Here are the best iPad apps for senior citizens to access video content.

  1. Netflix: The most popular streaming service with award-winning series, movies, documentaries and stand-up specials.
  2. Amazon Prime Video: If you are an Amazon Prime member, this is a must-have streaming iPad app for you. Access the award-winning movies and shows and download them for offline viewing.
  3. Hulu: Hulu provides you access to the network and original programming. The current news shows are available on the next day after airing.

These streaming services require a subscription but some services like Peacock let you access some content for free with ads.

Category 7 – Games and Puzzles

Seniors love gaming and solving puzzles. According to a recent research by AARP, more than 45% of senior Americans play video games regularly. The study further found that more than half of these games play video games every day, to have fun (86%) and relax (79%).

iPad is an excellent gaming gadget because of its large screen, beautiful graphics, and wide range of senior-friendly games.

I have shared the best gaming and puzzle iPad apps for seniors in the following articles.

The best apps for seniors on iPad in games and puzzles categories include:

  1. NYT Games: Access the daily crossword puzzles that are printed in The New York Times. Play Wordle, Spelling Bee, and Sudoku in a single app without and ads to disrupt your experience.
  2. Lumosity: 100 Million+ users play 40+ brain games on Lumosity to improve cognitive skills. The games are designed to improve memory, speed, logic and problem-solving skills among seniors.
  3. Words with Friends 2: One of the most popular word games for seniors to play on their iPads.
  4. Trivia Crack: The popular Trivia game with hundreds of thousands of questions in 6 different categories.
  5. Jigsaw Puzzles: The most downloaded jigsaw puzzle game with 13000+ HD jigsaw puzzles in a variety of categories including Nature, Art, Landmarks, Colors, and Flowers.

There are plenty of fun iPad game apps for seniors in different categories. Gaming is one of the best ways to have fun and avoid depression and stress and iPad is an ideal gaming device for seniors.

Category 8 – News Apps

News Apps keep you informed. You can access newspapers and current affairs tv shows on your iPad. All major news networks have iPad apps to access their content.

Here are the best iPad apps for seniors in News category.

  1. BBC News: Access the latest breaking news, video stories, and BBC Radio from BBC’s trusted global network of journalists.
  2. Fox News: Real-time and breaking news with personalized news alerts.
  3. CNN: Daily news and in-depth reporting from across the world.
  4. Washington Post: Award-winning global reporting from The Washington Post to keep you informed 24/7.
  5. AARP Publications: AARP members can access AARP magazine on their iPads.

You can choose from a variety of other news apps including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, MSNBC, AP, and Sky News.

Category 9 – Fitness Apps

There are several iPad apps for seniors to help them stay healthy and fit. Older adults with mobility issues can also use these apps to get in-home workout sessions. Our top picks in this category include:

  1. Yoga Down DogThe number 1 rated yoga app with over 60,000 configurations to build a yoga practice you love.
  2. Silver Sneakers Go: One of the few fitness apps that are specifically designed for seniors to help them stay fit and develop a healthy exercise routine.
  3. Mighty: The Number 1 all-in-one exercise, nutrition, and daily health app for 50+.

You can also try My Fitness Pal for nutrition and food tracking. There are several other exercise apps and YouTube channels to help seniors with their diet and fitness goals.

Category 10 – Other iPad Apps

This section covers the best iPad apps for senior citizens from different categories.

Online Shopping:

Here are some good online shopping apps to have on your iPad.

  1. GoodRX: You can save up to 80% on retail prescription prices using GoodRx. This free app compares prices from more than 70,000 pharmacies to get you the best prices on your prescriptions.
  2. Amazon Shopping: Buy anything and everything from Amazon using their official app. Amazon Shopping app offers more benefits than shopping on Amazon via computer.
  3. Instacart: Get your groceries delivered to your door in as fast as 2 hours.

You can get other online shopping apps on your iPad depending on what services you use.

42: Ted Talks

Ted Talks are short powerful presentations by experts and world-renowned speakers. You can listen to the inspiring TED Talks on your iPad using the official app. You can start with some best Ted Talks on retirement.

There you have it, the 42 best apps for seniors on iPad.  Explore the App Store for many more senior friend apps according to your taste.

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