Do Baby Boomers Hate Technology and Videos Games?

Do Baby Boomers Hate Technology and Videos Games

New technologies continue to enter our lives at a rapid pace and younger generations are embracing these technological advances. While Millennials and Gen Z adopt and rely on technology more than older adults, Boomers are teased and criticized because they are not so keen on accepting the change and find it difficult to abandon traditional methods and ways that they are grown up with.

Some of the younger adults accuse the boomers to be technophobic. They wonder “why do boomers hate technology?” or “why do boomers hate video games?”. Although it is true that baby boomers have shown less interest in tech in past and they are not super crazy about the release of the latest tech gadgets, many misconceptions and myths like they “hate” technology or video games are simply not true.

Latest trends and statistics show that boomers are adopting technology at a rapid pace and are willing to embrace the latest technology advances.

Baby Boomers Technology Statistics

There are many researches, surveys and studies about how boomers are adopting new technology and what are their priorities and challenges when it comes to the latest technology trends.

According to Pew Research Center, although Millennials are leading technology adoption, the past decade has seen significant growth in tech adoption among Gen Xers and Boomers.

The key findings suggest:

  • 68% of baby boomers own a smartphone (in comparison, 93% of Millennials and 90% of Gen Xers are smartphone users)
  • 52% of Boomers own a tablet (53% of millennials and 55% of Gen Xers are tablet users)
  • 59% of boomers use social media platforms (compared to 86% of millennials and 76% of Gen Xers)
  • When it comes to broadband service at home, 74% of boomers have home broadband while 78% of both Millennials and Gen Xers have home broadband connections.
  • 60% of Boomers like to use Facebook as their social media platform (while 84% of Millennials and 74% of Gen Xers are Facebook users)
  • Use of the internet is 85% among Boomers (in comparison, almost all 100% Millennials and 91% Gen Xers are internet users)

The above stats show that Boomers are adopting technology rapidly in recent years. They love their tablets and like Facebook more than other social networks.

The Rise in Smartphone Adoption Among Boomers During Pandemic

According to a more recent AARP survey, smartphone penetration among 50-64 years old stands at 83% while computer penetration is at 91%.

GWI conducted a research to study changes in boomers tech behaviors during the pandemic and results show that boomers rely on tech more than they have in past and they are expanding their device portfolio. This survey shows the latest number on smartphone penetration of 95% among boomers.

 All the latest statistics show, Boomers are now more or less on par with younger generations for smartphone ownership.

Do Boomers Hate Video Games?

Hate is a strong word here but Boomers love other entertainment activities more than gaming. According to Newzoo Consumer Insight, 42% of Baby Boomers are gamers who have played video games on mobile, console or PC, in the last six months.

When it comes to leisure time spent on entertainment, they prioritize TV (35% of leisure time), reading (18%), music (14%) and films/shows/series (14%) over gaming (10% of leisure time). They spend an average of 2.5 hours weekly on video games.

Leisure Activities of Boomers

Boomers share in gaming is low as compared to younger adults (Gen Z 81%, Millennials 77% and Xers 60%) and they also spend less time on games in comparison to other generations.

5 Takeaways From Boomers Technology and Gaming Statistics

There are many interesting findings of different researches and surveys when you study boomers tech behaviors.

1. Millennials are Leading the Technology Adoption but Boomers are Catching Up

The recent past trends show rapid growth in technology adoption among Boomers.

2. Boomers Like Smartphones and Tablets

Smartphone adoption among Boomers is reaching nearly the same level as younger generations. Tablet use is also on par with younger generations because the latest tablets (like iPads) are senior-friendly and older adults love them because of the big screen and easy-to-use UI.

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3. Millennials Love Video games But Boomers Like other Entertainment Activities

Older adults still prefer traditional entertainment activities like watching tv, reading books and listening to music for entertainment while younger adults spend more time on video games.

4. Boomers are Concerned about Online Safety

48% of boomers are worried about how companies use their private data. They also have online safety concerns as scammers target seniors because they have savings and are less likely to spot a scammer.

Millions of seniors lose billions of dollars to online scams every year.

5. Boomers Struggle with Technology

They are willing to adopt new technology but lack the assistance and social support that they need. Boomers were not born with computers and smartphones so they have different learning barriers when adopting new tech.

It is no secret that boomers struggle with technology and need help getting started. Some of the modern tech and devices are not senior-friendly and are designed for the younger generations.

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The general perception that boomers hate video games and technology is not entirely true. The reality is that while they are not crazy and excited about the latest tech trends link the young generation, they do not hate technology and are willing to embrace it but may need some assistance and social support.

So, younger adults ask “why do boomers hate technology?” or “why do boomers hate video games?” when they see older adults reading books more than watching TikTok videos or when seniors ask kids to have some outdoor activities instead of playing video games all day.

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