10 Best Podcasts on Aging

podcasts on aging

The latest statistics show that 22% of podcast listeners are 55 years and older. These numbers are increasing every year. You can listen to a podcast anytime, doing any activity. Podcasts offer companionship for older adults in everyday activities such as walking, gardening, or cooking.

Seniors can listen to podcasts on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or devices like Echo Show.  No matter what you are into, there are podcasts on every possible topic.

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This article covers the 10 Best Podcasts on Aging to inspire you and help you make your golden years the best time of your life.

10 Best Podcasts on Aging

From inspirational stories to tips on managing health issues, experts discuss all things related to aging. Some podcasts provide resources and information for caregivers while others guide seniors with all aspects of living healthier and more active life. 

1: Aging GreatFULLy with Holley Kelley

Host: Holley Kelley

Aging GreatFULLy is great for listeners of all ages and inspires you to seek the good in all stages of life and love your aging journey. Each show is different and gives you many more reasons to be happy and enjoy life.

Holley is a ray of light that helps your spirit soar. She exudes an understanding of both her topics and her audience. The show is one of the top podcasts on aging where she shares the knowledge, spirit, and motivation to live your best life. Her reputation enables her to invite high-quality experts who are well-regarded in their fields.

Holley combines her experience as a Gerontologist, author, and fellow in Thanatology and Latter-Life Planning Institute to advocate a dynamic life with greatFULL approach.

The show reminds you that age is just a number and encourages you to live through your bucket list.

I love how this podcast dispels the default emotions of disillusionment and fear and open your mind to something special and larger. Every episode is filled with wit, wisdom, and motivation.

Aging GreatFULLy is one of the informative, engaging, inspiring, and entertaining aging podcasts with a positive outlook and approach to aging.

Aging GreatFULLy is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | Google Podcasts

2: Women Over 70: Aging Reimagined

Hosts: Gail Zelitzky & Catherine Marienau

The engaging conversations with women in their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Women over 70 are a powerful force. Their stories celebrate women’s enduring courage, compassion, and contribution. This podcast shatters the myth that we become irrelevant as we age.

The inspirational stories educate and motivate listeners to live meaningful and productive lives.

Gail and Catherine started the Aging Reimagines podcast to share the riveting stories of diverse women as they faced life challenges head-on, with resilience and grace.

The podcast focuses on women in the later decades of their lives (70s to 100s) as there are so few forums for older women to be heard and seen.

Older and younger women alike can anticipate exciting years ahead. Women Over 70 is a place to listen to women’s stories, creating a pathway for women to inspire one another.

Women Over 70 is one of the best podcasts on aging for women. Do not miss Episode # 15 where Gail and Catherine share their stories and how Women Over 70: Age Reimagined was started.

Women Over 70 is Available on Apple Podcasts | Amazon | Podchaser

3: Better Health While Aging

Host: Leslie Kernisan

Better Health While Aging discusses common health problems that affect people over the age of 60. Dr.Leslie shares the best ways to prevent and manage these health problems. She addresses common concerns and dilemmas that come with aging parents and older loved ones.

Dr. Leslie Kernisan is practicing geriatrics since 2006 and spent years researching ways to improve healthcare for aging adults. She started part time geriatric consultation in Bay Area in 2012 for helping families and older adults learn to manage late-life health challenges.

Dr. Kernisan has a special interest in family caregiver, especially those assisting aging parents. She also published a book When Your Aging Parent Need Help in 2021.

In this podcast, she discusses common aging problems including memory concerns, falls, medication side effects, pain, and a decline in independence.

Dr. K offers families great information on how to help aging parents maintain their dignity and independence.

You can also visit her blog for some incredible articles on seniors’ health.

Better Health While Aging is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | Stitcher

4: Zestful Aging

Host: Nicole Christina

Nicole Christina introduces diverse and fascinating guests and brings insightful questions and deep listening to each podcast interview. She is a psychotherapist for over 30 years and interviews a variety of influential guests about the challenges and joys of aging.

Zestful Aging shares optimism about aging and challenges the negative stereotypes that cause harm to individuals. The show is currently heard in 102 countries as Nicole is a media partner with the International Federation of Aging.

The guests include medical experts, authors, artists, researchers, designers, and athletes.

Nicole wants her podcast to inspire and re-frame aging as a time of great opportunity and growth. The conversations bring richness and a fresh perspective to life. Each episode feels like opening a gift. 

Zestful Agingis is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | Podbean

5: Live Long and Master Aging

Host: Peter Bowes

Live Long and Master Aging is one of the most interesting and best podcasts on aging with the mission to hack the aging process. It features weekly one-to-one interviews about human longevity. Peter Bowes interviews world-renowned scientists and researchers with the goal of figuring out how we can live longer and healthier.

The podcast also features inspiring individuals who have mastered the art of aging. You will hear conversations on sleep, food, fasting, exercise, the brain, and more. You will get tons of actionable advice, tangible tips, and heaps of inspiration from individuals who want to see you live an amazing life.

Some of the recent discussions include:

  • A single mother’s fitness journey
  • Could we age backward like jellyfish?
  • Can we live to 120?
  • Getting a full night’s sleep
  • Eternal life or living for today
  • Eating algae to age better
  • Slowing aging
  • Vitamin E for longevity

Above are some examples of what to expect from Live Long and Master Aging podcast. This is one of the must-listen podcasts about aging featuring remarkable people and the secrets of their longevity.

Live Long and Master Aging is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | Podbay

6: Fearless Aging

Host: Rico Caveglia

Rico Caveglia believes “Being old is a state of your mind and body, nothing to do with your age”. He has started a revolution to change the messaging around what is possible as we age. Rico encourages you to be healthy, active, contributing members of your community and share your wisdom, experience, and perspective with others.

Fearless Aging is about never being OLD and shares proven tips and strategies to live a long, healthy, and energetic life. The incredible guests offer body, mind, and spiritual tips that will help you resolve most health challenges and age fearlessly.

Rico is a highly motivational role model of youthful living at a mature age and his guests are rich in knowledge that real experience provides. Fearless Aging is one of the inspiring podcasts on aging well and living a vital life.

Fearless Aging is Available on Apple Podcasts | PodcastAddict | Podchaser

7: Modern Aging

Host: Risa Morimoto

Rise Morimoto has a popular Modern Aging YouTube channel and a weekly podcast with the same name. She provides insightful tips and ideas on how to live better and longer after 40. The podcast features interviews with the top experts in holistic health, wealth, body, mind, and spirit.

After caring her parents for 20 years, Risa decided this was not how she wants to age. She started searching for different approaches to health and discovered a treasure of endless holistic ways to approach aging and well-being.

She brings up discussions on topics including relationships, work, family life, stress levels, nutrition, exercise, and more. Modern Aging is one of the best podcasts on aging for over 40 individuals, who are looking to optimize and elevate their health in innovative and holistic ways.

Modern Aging is Available on Apple Podcasts | Amazon | Podbay

8: Answers on Aging Podcast

Hosts: Todd Whatley and Sara Scott

Answers on Aging is one of the best aging podcasts covering various senior living issues. This podcast answers your questions on caregiving issues, legal/ financial issues, when to stop driving, late-in-life marriages, death, and end-of-life concerns. It provides solutions by bringing all answers to aging.

Sara Scott is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator and consultant regarding nursing home issues. She works with families to find the best level of care for their needs. Todd Whatley is a Certified Elder Law Attorney and president of the National Elder Law Foundations. He helps families plan for the future and get the care they need.

Sara and Todd tackle all the hard subjects with compassion. Answers on Aging Podcast brings the most up-to-date information for seniors and family caregivers. Tune in to find what lies ahead as you and your loved one’s age.

Answers on Aging Podcast is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | PodcastAddict

9: Advantages of Aging

Host: Debbi- Jo Horton

DJ Horton is a lifelong entrepreneur who believes in the abundance and advantages of aging. She lives by the motto “Make People Better”. She believes we can come stronger and better through any adversity we may face.

Everyone talks about the disadvantages of getting old but aging has many advantages. This podcast shares tips, tricks, and inspirational journeys from which we can all learn.

Advantages of Aging is Available on Apple Podcasts | Audible | Podchaser

10: Boomer Today

Host: Frank Samson

Boomers Today is one of the top podcasts on aging that educates families on resources available for the aging boomer population. Frank Samson is the founder and CEO of Senior Care Authority and someone who is an expert on senior care issues.

The eldercare professionals offer insightful advice and information. The subjects covered range from caregiver challenges to legal and financial matters and health and wellness topics. Experts are interviewed on all the issues facing boomers and an aging population.

Boomers Today is one of the must-listen podcasts on aging with the mission to get the information into the hands of those who need it most.

Boomer Today is Available on Apple Podcasts

There you have it, a list of the 10 best podcasts on aging to help you with all aspects of aging. Industry experts, medical professionals, and professional caregivers share stories, tips and ways to make your golden years the best ones.

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