30 Best Android Games for Seniors in 2023

Best android Games for Seniors

Smartphones have become a popular source of entertainment for people of all ages, including seniors. A recent survey suggests that more than 50% of seniors (of age 65 and older) play video games on their smartphones.

The top motivation for senior citizen gaming is brain stimulation, according to a study by Fandomspot.

In this article, I will share the 30 best Android games for seniors in different categories including word games, brainteasers, sports, and classic games

First, let us have a look at some of the benefits of smartphone games for older adults.

Benefits of Video Games for Seniors

There is enough scientific research and evidence to highlight the benefits of video games for seniors.

  • Gaming Keeps Seniors Mentally Sharp: A study by UC San Francisco suggests that video games may offset or even reverse the negative effect of aging on seniors’ brains, resulting in improved memory skills and multitasking. 
  • Enhance Cognitive Health: Research by the National Institute on Aging showed video games enhance cognitive health in older adults and improve memory and reasoning and help slow age-related cognitive decline. 
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Video games reduce stress, anxiety, depression and loneliness among seniors. Playing video games is an ideal way to distract from worries and relax and unwind.
  • Improved Hand-Eye Coordination: The research suggests that video games improve hand-eye coordination, reflexes, reaction time, and attention skills.
  • Help Seniors Socialize: The multiplayer and online games help seniors to connect with other players and engage in multiplayer games with family and friends. This is a great way, for seniors living alone, to beat boredom and stay socially active.

Video games provide an ideal way for seniors to distract from worries and have fun while keeping themselves mentally active and sharp.

30 Best Android Games for Seniors

This is the list of the best Android games for older adults from different categories including Word games, Sports, Brain Teasers, and Board games.

Word Games for Android

This section covers the best word games for Android. You can also have a look at the best word game apps article that i shared earlier.

1: Hangman

This is one of the simple android games for elderly to practice their language skills and discover thousands of new words. It comes with 2 player mode. You can write your own words and play with family and friends.

In this classic game, you will have to guess a word by choosing the letters that you may think are included in it. For each mistake, the figure of a stick man will be formed: First the gallows, then the head and body and finally the arms.

Play Hangman to find out how good your vocabulary is.

(HINT: Use the vowels first for chances to guess the word)

2: Word Connect

Build words and collect coins, by swiping the letter blocks. One of the best android games for seniors for a brain workout. The Key features include:

  • Different Modes: Daily, holiday, and team/individual challenge
  • Customize with the cool themes
  • Challenge players globally

A fun way to spend your time, challenge your memory, and discover new words.

3: Wordscapes

One of the most popular android games for seniors to sharpen their minds and improve the IQ. Challenge your mind with modern word puzzles with the best of word searching, anagrams, and crosswords.

The challenge is to connect the letters and find as many hidden words as possible. You will never experience a dull moment with the addictive word puzzles.

  • Show your vocabulary power by connecting letters and finding all the hidden words
  • Over 6000 crossword puzzles
  • One of the easy android games for elderly, unlimited tries to take each level at your own pace.

The crossword puzzles start easy and become challenging fast. Wordscapes is a top-rated word game that combines crossword, word connect, and word anagram games.

4: Scrabble Go

The classic word game that you know and love. With the official board, tiles and Scrabble word dictionaries to deliver the authentic crossword game experience. The key features of Scrabble Go include:

  • Play with Facebook friends and families. Express yourself with fun emojis and phrases
  • New Word Games: to challenge your word skills
  • Word Drop: An ever-changing word search game
  • Tumblr: Find as many high-scoring words from a rotating set of letters in a limited time.
  • Rush: Solo Scrabble mode

You can start with practice mode where you play one-on-one against the computer.

5: Words of Wonders

Test your vocabulary by visiting the wonders of the world and solving the mystery that the words hide. Each wonder gets progressively harder and unique. Connect the letters without lifting the finger to find the words on the board.

One of the simple android games for elderly with a beautiful design.

Board Android Games for Seniors

6: Tic Tac Toe Glow

Play the Tic Tac Toe with a beautiful glow design on your Android phone. It adopts your play style and is highly unpredictable. You will love the fresh and entertaining take on classic Tic Tac Toe with cool graphics and gameplay.

  • Single and multiplayer options
  • 7 games in one app
  • 3 difficulty levels
  • Leaderboards with top scores

One of the simple yet addictive games for seniors. No need to waste paper as you can now play Tic Tac Toe on your android phone with glowing effects.

7: Two Dots

The #1 hit game in over 100 countries and one of the best android games for seniors. Join two brave dots spanning the arctic tundra, and the ocean depths, navigate fiery jungles, and into outer space.

This puzzle adventure has hundreds of levels. Be ready to drop the pesky anchors and clash with monster dots. The reasons to love the Two Dots:

  • Free to play for life
  • More than 4000 fun and addictive levels
  • Connect dots, sink anchors, make a line, extinguish flames and much more
  • Play at your own pace

A fun and relaxing way to pass the time. One of the most popular and highly addictive board games on Android for seniors.

8: Sudoku.com

Train your brain by solving daily classic sudoku puzzles. One of the most downloaded and best Android games for senior citizens.

Both beginners and advanced players can enjoy thousands of sudoku puzzles to unwind from stress and relax.

There are features to make the game easier for the elderly: hints, auto-check, and highlighted duplicates. You can use these features or complete the challenges on your own.

Some of the highlights of Sudoku.com include:

  • Complete daily challenges to collect unique trophies
  • Hints to guide you if you are stuck
  • Various color themes to customize your experience
  • View statistics and track your progress

Seasonal events and daily challenges mean you always have fresh puzzles to solve. A must-have Android game for seniors who love Sudoku.

9: Flow Free

Connect matching colors with pipes to create a flow. Pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve the puzzle. But watch out as the pipes break if they overlap/cross.

From simple and easy to challenging and frenetic, you will love the gameplay. Play through hundreds of levels or against the clock. Other key features include:

  • 2000+ free levels with new daily puzzles
  • 10 different sizes of the board
  • Beautiful and fresh look and feel
  • Fun sound effects, graphics, and animations

One of the most relaxing games for seniors with smooth and polished touch interaction.

10: Jigsaw Puzzles

One of the world’s most downloaded free jigsaw puzzles game. Jigsaw Puzzles is one of the addictive and easy android games for elderly with over 13,000 HD pictures.

This puzzle game helps you to exercise your short-term memory and concentration. Tons of great features include:

  • A wide range of beautiful HD pictures to choose in a variety of categories including Flowers, Colors, Art, Nature, Landmarks, and more
  • Daily new puzzles so you do not run out of puzzles
  • Mystery puzzles and seasonal events
  • Helpful hints so you do not get stuck

Jigsaw Puzzles come with custom backgrounds to personalize and rotation mode to make the game more tricky. Relax and have fun putting puzzle pieces together.

11: 2248

Think out of the box and sharpen your mind with this minimalist and elegant designed game. The goal is to connect the same number of blocks to merge into a higher number.

Slide the same numbers in any of eight directions (up, down, left, right or diagonally) to merge and get the highest number possible.

Other 2248 features include:

  • Smooth and simple controls
  • Easy to learn and play with autosave
  • Global leaderboard with top scores
  • No time limits

2248 is the best choice if you are looking for easy Android games for elderly with minimalistic design and simple controls.

Best Trivia Games for Seniors on Android

A collection of the best Trivia Android games for seniors.

12: Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is one of Android’s most popular and hottest trivia games. Willy (the friendly spinner) spins the wheel and you select the question to answer from 6 different categories. Try to be the first one to win all 6 crowns.

Seniors love this game for many reasons.

  • Hundreds of thousands of challenging and fun questions
  • Create your own questions for opponents
  • Play tons of topics including US States, American History, Country Music, and more
  • Chat with opponents and collect cards

An ideal game to learn something new while having unlimited fun. One of the most popular Trivia games on Android. Also, Check Trivia Crack 2 for more categories and topics.

13: Trivia Star

Trivia Star offers unlimited Trivia fun with exciting games. Start with easier multiple-choice questions and the game gets harder as you level up. The highlights of the game are:

  • Choose from 60+ categories including general knowledge, animals, food, sports, history, tv shows, and more
  • 1000+ questions with 500 bonus coins
  • Daily bonus coin for free hints
  • Play offline or online, use the coins to get hints

Trivia Star is an existing choice for Trivia lovers and quiz heads.

14: Logo Quiz

We come across various brand and company logos every day. How many of these logos are you able to recognize? Let us find out. Logo Quiz gives you a logo and you have to guess the brand it represents.

This fun game is one of the most downloaded games on the Play Store because of the fun and excitement it brings.

  • 2500+ brand logos to guess in 52 exciting levels
  • Extra free level to guess the colors in famous logos
  • Learn more about the brand after correctly guessing the logos
  • Helpful clues and hints for each logo

Leaderboard to compare your score with friends. The best feature of the game is that you come across interesting facts about your favorite brands that you never knew.

15: Quizz Land

One of the best android games for seniors who love Trivia questions with interesting explanations. You can play solo or challenge your friends for the title of the best brans. Some of the key features that make Quizz Land a must have Trivia game for seniors are:

  • 50,000+ questions with detailed explanations
  • 1000+ Levels
  • Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulty levels

A fun way to learn and relax at the same time. You get more points for difficult questions. Use the coins that you won for hints.

You have different hint options including 50/50 (eliminate two incorrect answers), Majority Vote (see what majority of players answered), and Skip Question.

16: Millionaire Trivia

Play Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? On your phone now. Test your knowledge and join the nail-biting tension on the show. The goal is to climb the money tree to become a MILLIONAIRE.

  • Use the classic lifelines like 50:50, Ask The Audience, and Ask an Expert
  • Build a team of experts in the city you chose to play in
  • The Offline Mode to play anywhere

Climb the leaderboard to win against your friends. A thrilling game for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire lovers.

Best Sports Android Games for Seniors

The games seniors always loved and grew up playing are available on Android. Here are our best picks.

17: Pooking – Billiards City

Billiard city is a single-player, modern arcade-style pool game for lovers of the pool. Although there are many other billiard games on Play Store, this game has the most realistic 8-ball simulator because of the use of the latest technology.

Experience the Pool like never before with stunning HD graphics and realistic ball physics.

Other key features include:

  • Levels for different abilities. From beginner right up to the pro level.
  • Defeat opponents to gain access to new city bars and become the acclaimed Pooking- Billiard City Champion.
  • Super smooth controls, touch control for moving the stick

The amazing single-player mode and realistic 3D ball animations make it the best choice for older adults.

Note: You can also check 8-Ball Pool if you want a basic and simple pool game.

18: Real Snooker 3D

This is the ultimate addictive 3D snooker game for seniors. Challenge your friends or play against the computer player. You can play standard or practice mode. 

  • Customize the pool by choosing different colors and patterns
  • 10 characters to choose from
  • 3 difficulty levels, 6 table colors, and 5 table patterns
  • Stunning 3-D graphics, relaxing music, and a realistic look

This is one of the Best Android games for seniors who love playing snooker and want a realistic experience on their Android phones.

19: PBA Bowling Challenge

I would recommend this bowling game over all other bowling games for Android because of its superior graphics, realistic qualities, great sounds, and excellent gameplay. Start a career or bowl a quick game. Other key features include:

  • Quick play, multiplayer, and career modes
  • Bowl against the 24 best PBA bowlers
  • 100+ bowling balls with unique stars
  • PBA tournaments, split balls, bomb balls, and more

Rise through the ranks against 24 of PBA’s best players as you compete for regional and national championship titles.

20: Super Stickman Golf

Google Play Store has many golf games SSG is the best option for seniors. It is a simple and casual golf game with 32 varying courses. Some of the highlights of Super Stickman Golf are:

  • 7 unlockable super clubs, 280+ unique holes
  • HD graphics, 8-bit chiptune game soundtrack

This award-winning game is praised by MTV, Slapapp, Appadvice, and other golf lovers.

21: Fishing Clash

One of the most popular realistic fishing games for Android users. Fishing Clash combines the features of multiplayer games, the realism of simulator games, and the competition of sports games.

  • Dozens of fisheries worldwide: From Florida coast to Kenai River, find a fishery anywhere globally. Lots of fish including bass, carp, trout, shark and monster fish from deep sea
  • Fish Smart: Collect lure cards and upgrade them to catch bigger fish.
  • Real-time duels stimulator to feel the thrill of multiplayer games.
  • Take part in live events, join and create a clan

Breathtaking fishing spots and regular new content makes it one of the best Android games for seniors who love fishing.

Best Classic Games for Android

This section contains games from the past. The classics that you loved and played on different platforms are available on Android.

22: Angry Birds

Angry Birds by Rovio Entertainment Corp is one of the most played games on smartphones by all ages. Join hundreds of millions of players for free and start with the fun slingshot adventure now.

Climb the leaderboard, gather in clans, take on challenges and play the fun events.

  • Daily challenges to earn some quick reward
  • Level up the iconic Angry Birds characters
  • Hundreds of levels with new levels added regularly
  • Choose the birds, compete with friends and other players

Start the slingshot adventure now and take the challenges and collect hats. Angry Birds is one of the simple android games for elderly to have unlimited fun.

You can also check out Angry Birds Friends.

23: Tetris

The mobile adoption of the world’s favorite game. This official Tetris game offers hundreds of unique levels. The touch controls feel intuitive and the game has polished look and amazing features.

  • Play a quick round to beat your own score
  • Pick between marathon mode for endless fun or quick mode to play for a few minutes
  • Available offline so you can play and enjoy anywhere, anytime
  • Daily challenges to earn rewards

Personalize the game experience with custom themes, backgrounds, avatars, and frames. Enjoy the world’s favorite block game on your Android smartphone.

24: Fruit Ninja

Become a master of slicing fruit in one of the most popular games of the era of smartphones. The Zen Mode enables seniors to relax and slash for stress relief. Experience the thrill of setting new high scores in the popular Arcade mode as you focus on dodging bombs and slicing massive combos.

  • Different Modes including Arcade, Zen, Even and classic mode
  • Multiplayer options, show your friends you are the top ninja
  • Special power-ups that give the score a juicy boost

A must-try game for mindless fun, relaxation, and passing the time. One of the most downloaded and played games on Android.

25: Pac-Man

The retro arcade game that you know and play. Pac-Man comes with different modes, power-ups, mazes, and much more. Join millions of fans eating pac-dots and chomping ghosts.

The game now has refreshed look and feel with updated layouts and an intuitive gameplay experience.

  • Hundred of original mazes in Story Mode
  • Obstacles and unique power-ups to supercharge the gameplay
  • Adventure Mode offers limited-time themed events
  • Climb the leaderboard and shoot for high scores

Enjoy the Pacman classic on your Android smartphone and revisit your past.

26: Candy Crush Saga

One of the most downloaded and played games of all time (more than 1 Billion+ downloads on Android). Candy Crush Saga is popular across all ages and seniors love to match, pop, and blast candies in the tasty puzzle adventure to progress to the next level and get the sugar blast.

Plan your moves by matching 3 or more candies in a row and blast your way through.

  • Thousands of matching puzzles with new puzzles are added regularly
  • 3 game modes and variety of sugar-coated puzzle challenges
  • Compare your score with friends and become the master of the candy kingdom

Match 3 puzzles range from easy to hard. The game is accessible both online and offline.

Best Brain Teasers on Android

Brain teasers are more than simple puzzles and riddles. Solving brain teasers boost your brain power and keep your memory strong. Have fun and discover the best brain teasers available for your Android smartphones.

27: Best Test: Tricky Puzzles

A series of tricky brain teasers, different riddles, and tests to challenge your mind. This game will break common sense to bring you a brain-pushing experience.

Crack the puzzle by thinking out of the box in this offline game.

  • Tricky and mind-blowing teasers
  • One of the simple Android games for elderly with unexpected answers
  • Funny and addictive game to play with friends and family

If you are a fan of riddles and puzzles, this is the best choice for you. I love the funny twists of this brain teaser.

28: 4 Pic 1 Word

One of the most popular brain teasers where you have to guess the 1 word that is common in 4 pictures. This simple game is addictive and gets harder as you complete more levels.

  • No registration or complicated rules. Pure instant fun
  • One of the most addictive brainteasers in the world with over 250,000,000 enthusiasts playing in 9 languages

Look at the 4 pictures and find out what 1 word they have in common. It widens your observational and associative skills the game gets challenging at times.

29: Brain Out – Can You Pass It?

This game blows your mind with tricky and addictive puzzles. A series of tricky brain teasers to evaluate your logical thinking abilities, reflexes, accuracy, creativity, and memory.

  • Unimagined gameplay
  • Easy and simple yet humorous game process
  • Witty game effects and funny sounds

This is one of the Best Android games for seniors who are looking for trivia questions with a twist. Play this game to think outside the box and run your imagination.

30: Pictoword

Pictoword is a cool, simple yet addictive game where you read a series of pictures that combine together to form a word or phrase.

For example, you will see pic of SAND and WITCH, and combining both will make the word SANDWICH.

The game is available to play offline or online and it is ideal for any level.

  • Variety of difficulty levels
  • Test your brain with hard picture packs
  • Extreme difficult picture packs to get even more fun and challenge your mind
  • Unscramble words from pics of historical figures, landmarks, and countries

300-word puzzles in the free classic pack. Play in solo mode or with friends. Guess the celebrities, brand logos, movies, and tv shows.

There you have it, 30 best Android games for seniors. Try these free Android games to have fun and find out what makes them popular and top-rated among seniors.

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