Top 10 Websites For Boomers and Seniors

According to a study by Forbes, Boomers of all ages are more likely than any other age group to spend an hour or more a day online. Heavy internet usage among baby boomers is not surprising as they played a major role in the development of the internet.

So, what do they search for online? Well, Google Search suggests that boomers and seniors are interested in a wide range of topics from wedding anniversary gift ideas to retirement life to assisted living. They are looking for content on health and fitness, relationship, style, travel, money management, and giving back.  

There are many dedicated websites for boomers and seniors, focused on providing content on getting the most from retirement and healthy aging.

Top 10 Websites For Boomers and Seniors

Here is a selection of the top 10 websites for boomers and seniors that cover everything you are looking for.

1. Baby Boomers

Known For : Current information on entertainment, healthy living, relationships and technology

Baby Boomers is an online news and lifestyle destination that celebrates everything boomers stand for. The site offers insights and information about how to make your life fuller, happier, and more enjoyable. You can find unlimited articles on healthy living, technology, relationship, travel, entertainment and get motivation from the “inspire” section. You can join their email list and receive “First Look” at top stories in your email, twice a month. With fresh content on a huge selection of topics, you will surely find up-to-date information on topics of your interest.

Visit Baby Boomers

2. Sixty and Me

Known For: The best online community for women over 60, celebrating an amazing period of their lives

Founded by author and speaker Margaret Manning, Sixty and Me is a community of 500,000 women over 60. The website has articles from established experts in their fields. Margaret encourages fellow baby boomer women to develop a positive mindset about the amazing period of their life and helps them to find profitable work, stay healthy, find joy and passion and pursue what really matters.

This website shares content through the website, newsletter, and social media presence. Every other day, a new video is shared by Margaret on makeup, fashion, health, and other topics.

Some of the things that make this website one of the best for senior women.

  • Free Games Collection for Seniors: daily crossword puzzles, sudoku, bridge, jigsaw, and much more.
  • Best Quality of Content: Sixty and ME is, hands down, the best website for boomer women because of the quality of writings by established authors in their respective fields
  • Active Social Media Presence: The YouTube channel is a 200,000+ community and keeps on growing because of fresh and quality content. You can follow them on Facebook or subscribe to the Newsletter to get daily emails with fresh content.

Sixty and Me is one stop destination for dynamic older women to live their life to the fullest. You can also visit the best blogs for women over 60 for our top blog picks for senior women.

Visit Sixty and Me

3. AARP (The American Association of Retired Persons)

Known For : AARP focuses on issues affecting those over the age of 50. The biggest website for seniors with one of the best benefits programs for older adults.

AARP is one of the most popular online resources for boomers, seniors and older adults. AARP magazine is an award-winning bi-monthly publication focusing on aging-related issues. The highlights that make AARP’s official website one of the top 10 websites for boomers and seniors include:

  • Membership Program: They have a membership program that offers discounts on everything from popular restaurants to insurance and from shopping and groceries to technology and finance for their members. The members can get instant access to AARP magazine and AARP Bulletin (America’s two largest publications) and stay up to date with celebrity interviews, features on health and tech, recipes, books and movie reviews, and more.
  • Videos Content and Podcasts: You will love AARP’s video content ranging from exercise videos and entertainment to family health, travel and retirement life. The podcasts keep you informed on the latest development for senior citizens. Make sure to check out their Videos and Podcasts.
  • Fun Stuff: AARP’s gaming section is extensive and you will love their quizzes.
  • Local News, Programs and Events: You can find local content on AARP specific to your state or city.

AARP is a must-visit site for all aging people including baby boomers and older adults.

Visit AARP

4. Tech Boomers

Known for: Educational website to teach seniors about technology basics, websites, apps, online shopping and more with access to 100+ FREE courses

The adoption of technology among seniors has increased many folds in the last decade. A survey by Pew Research found that among 65 years and older: 61% own a smartphone, 45% are active on social media, 44% own a tablet and 64% own a home broadband connection.  

Tech Boomers helps seniors with basic technology-related article and cover 100+ free courses related to technology. They cover:

  • Technology Basic Articles: Guides and tutorials on how to use the internet, social media websites, technology tips and tricks and more.
  • Shopping Online Articles: These articles cover how seniors can shop online avoiding scams and buying quality products at discounts. Online privacy and safety issues are also covered.
  • Social Website and Apps article: Variety of how-to articles about social media platforms and suggestions about new apps etc.  
  • Tech Boomers YouTube channel has 500,000+ subscribers and shares tips and how-to videos on everything tech.
  • My favorite section on this site is Free Course Directory which covers more than 100 free learning courses with step-by-step tutorials and guides. If you want to learn the basics of your favorite popular website or app, check out this section.

Visit Tech Boomers

5. Hole in The Donut

Known for: Travel blog by Barbara Weibel with travel stories, photos and videos of people and places

Our next pick for the top 10 websites for boomers and seniors is ‘Hole in the Donut’. After years of working at boring jobs, Barbara Weibel (owner and publisher of the site) felt like a “hole in donut” – solid on the outside, empty on the inside. She decided to leave the job, strapped on a backpack and travel the world taking thousands of photos and blogging about every place along the way.

She shares about the destination she visits, the interesting people she meets and many travel stories with a loyal following of readers. If you want to know about travel tips and secrets, the cost of travel, travel insurance, safety tips during traveling or expat living Barbara has it all on her blog.

My favorite sections are Photos and Videos with stories behind them. She has a respectable portfolio of articles, published in some major publications and online venues. Her blog is featured in Forbes, AARP magazine, ABC news and Chicago Tribunes among others.

Visit Hole in The Donut for all things related to travel

6. Traveling with Sweeney

Known for: A weekend getaway or an international journey, this travel blog covers the best of destinations, food, history, arts and culture

The next website is also a travel blog that boomers will love – Traveling with Sweeney is run by Catherine Sweeney and Mr. TWS, her husband and co-blogger. The site brings you the best of Europe and North American travel destinations. She enjoys finer things in life with her husband and shares photos and stories that highlight the best destinations, food, history, arts and culture.

Visit Traveling with Sweeney to know about cruise travel, packing tips and the best dining experiences.

7. Next Avenue

Known for: Journalists and experts covering issues that matter most as we age.

Next Avenue focuses on issues related to aging and unleashes the power of older adults through publication. The non-profit publication is run by journalists and experts passionate about serving seniors. They discuss emerging issues and trends impacting older generations and celebrate the organizations working to improve how we age.

The quality of the articles is great as they provide intelligent, comprehensive reporting of issues related to aging, retirement, history, travel and relationships.

Visit Next Avenue and find out more.

8. Baby to Boomer

Baby to Boomer is a family blog of moms and dads, singles and couples of all ages. The blog covers lifestyle, DIY home remodeling, decor, gaming, theme parks, weddings, travel, parenting, tech, cooking crafts and much more.

Visit Baby to Boomer and find out more

9. Better After 50

Known for: Real women sharing real stories

Women inspire other women with real-life stories at Better After 50. Besides other usual seniors topics like relationships, parenting and fashion this site approach the challenges of mid-life issues with positive energy. From body issues to memory challenges, women share personal life stories in form of all the things you’d confess to a friend. This site’s attitude is frank and sensitive.

Visit Better After 50 to know more

10. Boomer Connections

Known for: Four boomer business-women helping the boomer population

Boomer Connections is an online place for baby boomers to share life stories, connect with each other, address challenges and stay informed. The site is run by four businesswomen who found out that there were no good online forums and places to connect for their age group so they started one.

Visit Boomer Connections to connect and join the conversation.

So, which one of these top 10 websites for boomers and seniors is your favorite? Do you want to add any other website or blog that you like?

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